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Basic Information
TitleThe Silent Whisper, The Shadowblade
SymbolA dagger coated in poison surrounded by dark sigils
AlignmentLawful Evil
Allowed AlignmentsLN, LE, NE
Primary PortfolioMurder, Suffering, Torture
Secondary PortfolioAdaptability, Agility, Luck, Poison
Favored WeaponDagger
Yuthdel, The Silent Whisper

Yuthdel, deity of suffering and murder, stands as a shadowy figure, cloaked in an impenetrable darkness that chills the air around him. His presence is one of silent menace, an unspoken threat that pervades the atmosphere wherever he appears. He is a deity of few words, and when he does choose to speak, his voice is a whisper that slices through the silence, carrying a weight of finality that leaves no room for doubt. Every pronouncement he makes is an inescapable truth, each syllable echoing with a haunting significance that lingers long after his voice has faded.

When Yuthdel acts, he does so with a cold, calculated swiftness and precision. His strikes are brutal, often more so than required, as if to make a statement of his power and cruelty. His adaptability and agility render him a formidable and unpredictable adversary. In any given situation, Yuthdel can analyze the circumstances and devise a plan of action in an instant, outmaneuvering his opponents with ease. This flexibility enhances his reputation as a relentless and cunning force, one that is impossible to predict or counter.

Yuthdel is a connoisseur of suffering, finding a twisted pleasure in the torment of others. To him, torture and murder are not merely tools to achieve his ends; they are art forms to be perfected. He derives immense satisfaction from the pain he personally inflicts, reveling in the agony that contorts his victims' faces. His affinity for poison is a testament to his love for subtle, lingering suffering. Yuthdel's knowledge of toxins is unmatched, and he views them as instruments to extend the agony of his prey. Each slow, painful death he orchestrates is a masterpiece in his eyes.

Yuthdel's resolve is as unyielding as iron. Once he sets his sights on a target, nothing can deter him from his goal. His single-minded pursuit of his objectives makes him a relentless and terrifying entity, feared by all who have heard of his dark influence. His methods are varied and always precise, but the outcome is invariably the same: a trail of suffering and death, each victim a testament to his cruel artistry.

In the shadows, where light dare not venture, Yuthdel reigns supreme. His presence is a constant, silent threat, a whisper of death that can strike at any moment. He is the embodiment of suffering and murder, a deity whose very essence is intertwined with the darkest aspects of existence. To invoke his name is to invite dread, for Yuthdel is the dark whisper that haunts the night, the cold shadow that brings pain and death in his wake.

Yuthdel usually manifests as a humanoid figure. His face is always obscured by a featureless mask, revealing only his unsettling red orb-like eyes. His body is thin but agile, with pale white skin that contrasts sharply with his tight, dark leather outfits. These roguish garments are complemented by belts crisscrossing his chest, each holding rows of small, deadly daggers. Yuthdel's demeanor is always collected and composed, exuding an aura of cold precision and menace. Yuthdel also likes to appear as a venomous black snake.


Yuthdel's symbol is a dagger coated in poison, surrounded by dark sigils, each element meticulously chosen to reflect the deity's sinister nature and dominion over suffering. The dagger, sleek and menacing, glistens with a venomous sheen, symbolizing Yuthdel's mastery over toxins and his delight in the lingering agony they cause. The blade, sharp and precise, represents his cold, calculated approach to inflicting pain and executing murder, his actions always swift and brutal.

Relations With Other Deities

Yuthdel, The Shadowblade

Yuthdel, the dark whisper of the pantheon, is universally feared among the gods, his very name capable of sending a cold chill down the spine of all but the strongest deities. His reputation is built on the countless deaths he has caused, not just among mortals but even among the divine. The shadows of his actions loom large, casting a pall of dread over those who know of his deeds.

Among the gods, Milucrah and Selya harbor a deep-seated enmity towards Yuthdel. Both deities, who also embody agility and stealth, see Yuthdel as a perversion of their own domains. Where they use their gifts trying to avoid damaging others, Yuthdel applies his to cause harm and suffering. This fundamental opposition has made them his most ardent adversaries, their mutual hatred simmering with each act of brutality Yuthdel commits.

Within the Pantheon of Dread, Yuthdel serves under Tiamat. She, with her insatiable hunger for power and chaos, eagerly supplies Yuthdel and his followers with a constant stream of potential victims. This relationship is one of mutual benefit, with Tiamat reveling in the terror Yuthdel spreads in her name. However, beneath this facade of loyalty lies Yuthdel's true allegiance, to Xendral, the deity of tyranny. This strong alliance with Xendral adds another layer of complexity to Yuthdel's already fearsome reputation.

The lesser deities within Tiamat's circle are acutely aware of this potential treachery. They fear that if the alliance between Tiamat and Xendral ever fractures, they could find themselves at the mercy of Yuthdel's deadly precision. This fear is not unfounded, for Yuthdel's loyalty is as fluid and adaptable as his methods.

What The Legends Say


Yuthdel, in snake form

These five tenets define Yuthdel's dogma:

  • Embrace the Shadows: Followers of Yuthdel must master the art of stealth and secrecy. Just as Yuthdel moves unseen and unheard, so too must his disciples learn to navigate the shadows, using the cover of darkness to strike fear and despair into their enemies.
  • Perfect the Art of Suffering: Pain is not just a means to an end but an art form to be perfected. Devotees must study and refine their methods of torture and murder, ensuring that each act of violence is both precise and prolonged, maximizing the suffering of their victims.
  • Adapt and Overcome: Followers must be adaptable and agile, capable of analyzing situations quickly and devising effective strategies. This tenet emphasizes the importance of flexibility and cunning, ensuring that Yuthdel's will is carried out regardless of the obstacles.
  • Be the Poison: Just as poison seeps into the body, causing lingering and insidious harm, so too must Yuthdel's followers ensure their presence brings lasting damage to others. Their influence and actions should leave a trail of suffering and despair, persisting long after they are gone.
  • Let Luck Guide Your Blade: Followers must trust in the fickle nature of luck, allowing it to guide their strikes and decisions. Embrace uncertainty, using it to your advantage to achieve Yuthdel's goals. A well-timed strike under the cover of luck can turn the tide of any situation.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Yuthdel

The clergy of Yuthdel form a small but highly disciplined organization, bound by a strict hierarchy that ensures order and efficiency. Ranks within the order are awarded based on merit, and a master-disciple relationship is cultivated between clerics of different ranks, fostering loyalty and the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Drawn primarily from rogues, bards, and arcane spellcasters such as sorcerers, members of Yuthdel's clergy are experts in the arts of stealth, subterfuge, and assassination. They dress in dark, tight-fitting leather outfits similar to their deity, designed for maximum agility and concealment. Their faces are always partially or completely covered by masks, maintaining an air of mystery and anonymity. It is exceedingly rare for members to reveal their faces, even to one another, reinforcing their secretive nature.

Operating in the shadows, these clerics rarely disclose their true identities. They excel in moving unseen and unheard, every action meticulously planned and executed with precision. This discipline and calculated approach make them formidable assassins, often acting on internal directives but also available for hire by those outside the clergy. Their services are highly sought after by those in need of their lethal skills.

Beyond assassination, Yuthdel's clerics are adept spies and information gatherers, using their stealth expertise to uncover secrets and gather intelligence. Their proficiency in torture is another dark aspect of their service, sought by those needing to extract information or exact revenge. Their knowledge of poisons is unparalleled, making them the go-to experts for crafting deadly and undetectable toxins.

Despite their inherently evil nature, members of Yuthdel's clergy are known for their strict adherence to contracts. Once they accept a contract, they pursue it relentlessly until their side of the deal is fulfilled. They expect the same level of commitment from their employers, and those who fail to uphold their end of an agreement soon find themselves targets of the order.

The clergy moves with extreme caution, fully aware of their ill reputation. They know that others will seize any opportunity to eliminate them, including followers of other evil deities. This constant vigilance ensures that they remain elusive and effective, continuing to spread Yuthdel's influence through fear, suffering, and death.

Temples dedicated to Yuthdel are hidden sanctuaries, meticulously concealed within urban centers or buried deep underground in remote, inaccessible locations. These secretive havens are crafted to ensure that their presence remains unknown to all but the most initiated followers.

The entrances to Yuthdel's temples are masterfully hidden and heavily trapped, requiring secret codes or intricate knowledge to access. Each portal is a gauntlet of deadly surprises, designed to deter and eliminate any who might stumble upon them by accident or seek to breach their sanctity with ill intent.

Inside, the temples are a labyrinth of narrow corridors and hidden alcoves, designed to maximize shadows and darkness. Every corner and turn is crafted to create an environment where light is scarce and fear is omnipresent. The air is thick with the sense of unseen eyes and unheard whispers, a constant reminder of Yuthdel's pervasive influence.

Sound-dampening materials line the walls and floors, ensuring that every movement, every whisper is muted. This eerie silence permeates the entire structure, but it is especially profound in the torture chambers. Here, the absence of sound heightens the terror, allowing the agonizing cries of victims to remain unheard beyond the chamber's confines.

These temples serve multiple sinister purposes. They act as gathering and planning centers for the clergy, where strategies are devised and dark plots are woven. Information hubs within the temples collect and analyze intelligence brought by spies and assassins, ensuring that Yuthdel's followers remain well-informed and one step ahead of their enemies.

Most chillingly, these sanctuaries are locations of torture, where victims are brought to suffer and reveal their secrets. The torture chambers are equipped with all manner of instruments designed to inflict maximum pain while maintaining the utmost discretion. Here, the clergy perfect their gruesome art, extracting information or exacting revenge in the name of Yuthdel.


The initiation ritual for a follower of Yuthdel is a straightforward yet perilous journey, marked by rigorous training and life-threatening trials. The process begins when a cleric operating in a specific area identifies a potential candidate, usually one year before the candidate's coming of age. The cleric approaches the candidate, offering them the possibility to become a follower of Yuthdel. Rejection of this offer is met with immediate termination, ensuring that only those with the utmost dedication and potential proceed.

Upon acceptance, the candidate is immediately taken under the wing of the cleric who made the offer, entering into a relationship akin to that of a martial arts student and master. For the next year, the initiate lives with their master cleric, receiving comprehensive training in combat, stealth, assassination, poison preparation, and torture. This period is marked by intense discipline and rigorous practice, as the master imparts the dark arts required to serve Yuthdel.

As time progresses, the initiate is assigned missions of increasing difficulty, each designed to test their skills and resolve. These missions are fraught with danger, and failure often means death. Even if an initiate survives a failed mission, too many failures will result in their execution, deemed unworthy of Yuthdel's favor.

Every day, the initiate must meditate for at least one hour, reflecting on their actions, the skills they are developing, and the principles of Yuthdel's dogma. This daily meditation is crucial for internalizing the values of stealth, precision, and calculated cruelty, ensuring that the initiate's mind and spirit are as sharp as their blade.

On the final day of the preparation phase, the initiate spends the entire day in deep contemplation. Isolated in a dark, confined space, they reflect on the deeds performed over the past year, the pain inflicted, the secrets uncovered, and the shadows navigated. This period of reflection is essential for absorbing Yuthdel's teachings and preparing for the final step of their initiation.

Under the cover of night, the master cleric leads the initiate to a ritual chamber within one of Yuthdel's hidden temples. The chamber is dimly lit, filled with shadows and the faint scent of incense. The initiate kneels before their master and recites the oath of service to Yuthdel, pledging their life and loyalty to the dark deity.

At this pivotal moment, the cleric presents the initiate with a mask, symbolizing their commitment to Yuthdel's dogma. The initiate dons the mask, embracing their new identity and the responsibilities it entails. The cleric then casts the initiation spell, binding the initiate to Yuthdel and transforming them into a full-fledged follower.

Thus, the initiate emerges from the ritual chamber as a true disciple of Yuthdel, ready to serve in the shadows, spreading fear and suffering in the name of their dark patron.