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The Tree Ring Cosmology

In the sprawling tapestry of existence, the multiverse unveils its mysteries through a structure of unparalleled complexity and beauty, known to scholars and mystics as the Tree Ring Cosmology. This cosmic model presents existence as a series of concentric regions, akin to the growth rings of an ancient, timeless tree, each ring marking a distinct layer of reality, a unique facet of the vast multiverse. This arrangement is not by coincidence, and is not a purely metaphorical description, as the whole multiverse exists held together by the branches of Sylvawyn, the cosmic Tree of Existence.

Now, each of the ring regions sprawls realms of its own, each with its own characteristics and inhabitants. At the core of this intricate structure is the Central Planar Region, the cradle of tangible reality, where worlds like Nyrus pulse with the vibrant dance of life, civilizations rise and fall, and the stories of countless beings unfold beneath the gaze of stars and gods. This region, familiar yet full of mysteries, serves as the anchor for the myriad planes that surround it.

Encircling the Central Planar Region is the Inner Planar Region, a domain of raw elemental forces and primal energies. Here, the planes of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air converge and clash in a never-ending spectacle of creation and destruction. This region is a testament to the untamed power of nature, a realm where the building blocks of reality are shaped by the elemental forge.

Beyond the Inner Planar Region lies the Inner Void Belt, a realm shrouded in enigma. It is a transitional space, a twilight zone where the concrete realities of the inner planes begin to dissolve into the more abstract and metaphysical concepts of the outer planes. This belt serves as a buffer, a mysterious emptiness where the rules of reality begin to warp and twist.

Further outwards, the Outer Planar Region unfolds, a realm of metaphysical embodiment where concepts like Good, Evil, Law, and Chaos take physical form, creating planes of pure ideology. It is here that celestial heavens, infernal hells, and other domains of angels and demons lie, each plane a manifestation of the collective beliefs and fears of sentient beings.

At the very edge of our known cosmos stretches the Outer Void, a boundary that encases the known multiverse. Similar to the Inner Void Belt, it is a realm of cosmic emptiness, where the fabric of our reality thins and disolves into infinity.

Encompassing all these layers, binding them in a symbiotic embrace, the majestic Tree of Existence, Sylvawyn grows, its branches reaching into every plane, its roots delving deep into the fabric of the cosmos, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all realms, the unity of life and existence in the grand scheme of the multiverse. Crowning the branches of this tree lies the Etherax, also know in common tongue as the Godrift, the realm where all deities reside since The Vanishing.

Bound to all this, the Astral Plane is a transitive region that serves as a planar path to travel between all of the regions of the multiverse and its planes.

The multiverse has a final frontier. Outside of the multiverse, and touching this boundary, lies an incomprehensible reality only known by scholars as the Far Realm, a place of aberrant truths and madness, where the very essence of existence is questioned.

Thus, the Tree Ring Cosmology is not just a model of the cosmos; it is a reflection of the intricate balance and boundless diversity that defines our universe, a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things, and a testament to the endless possibilities that lie in the vast expanse of the multiverse.

Cosmology Structure

I will give you more detail about the regions that make up the multiverse.

The Central Planar Region

The Material, Ethereal and Plane of Shadow

The Central Planar Region forms the heart of the multiverse, a vibrant nexus of life, matter, and spirit. It's the most familiar yet profoundly intricate realm, where the realities of existence are most tangible and diverse. This region is a tapestry of interconnected worlds and dimensions, each playing a crucial role in the cosmic balance, serving as the focal point for the stories, struggles, and triumphs of countless beings.

Three planes make up this region:

  • The Material Plane: The realm of physical existence, a diverse mosaic of lands, teeming with life, cultures, and landscapes. It's the central stage for the drama of life, where mortals live, strive, and carve their destinies under the watchful stars.
  • The Ethereal Plane: A mist-shrouded dimension that exists alongside the Material Plane, serving as a conduit and mirror to the physical world. It's a realm of spirits, a place of transition and transformation, where the boundaries between life and death, tangible and intangible, are at their thinnest.
  • The Plane of Shadow: A dimly lit, eerie reflection of the Material Plane, where darkness takes form and substance. This plane is a domain of secrets, illusions, and hidden truths, a world where shadows hold power and the unseen is as real as the seen.

The Inner Planar Region

Inner Plane Interactions

The Inner Planar Region is a realm of elemental majesty and raw cosmic forces, a crucible where the fundamental elements of existence (fire, water, earth, and air) as its fundamental energies (positive and negative) also are not just present but dominant. This region is a vibrant canvas, displaying the purest forms of creation and destruction, where the primal elements interact in a grand, eternal dance, forging and shaping the very fabric of reality.

The structure of the Inner Planar Region is a complex one, with several planes and an unknown quantity of demiplanes. The planes that compose this region are:

  • The two Energy Planes: The foundational forces of creation and oblivion.
  • The four Elemental Planes: The base bricks of creation, from which everything else is made.
  • The six Paraelemental Planes: Intricate realms where two elements converge, creating environments of unique interaction and phenomena.
  • The eight Quasielemental Planes: Realms where the basic elements merge with the positive and negative energy planes, forming unique and often extreme environments.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Radiance: A vivid realm of intense brightness and heat, where brightstone forms from high-speed particle collisions, creating a dangerous yet breathtakingly beautiful environment.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Mist: A serene realm shrouded in perpetual mist and softly radiant light, filled with floating vegetation and fungi, but dangerous due to predatory plants.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Lightning: A realm of dark clouds and constant electrical discharges, where navigating the dynamic weather and avoiding lightning strikes are a constant challenge​.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Crystal: A realm of breathtaking crystalline beauty with massive crystal formations and unique acoustic properties, demanding magical means for navigation and survival.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Ooze: An enigmatic world of dense, viscous landscapes and corrosive fumes, where navigating the sticky and murky terrain is inherently dangerous​​.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Dust: A vast, desolate expanse where the essence of dryness and decay prevails, challenging the vitality of any traveler with its pervasive dryness and unstable structures.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Ash: An endless expanse of cold, grey ash with unique features like Ashen Geysers and Frozen Flames, presenting insidious dangers such as sapping warmth and limited visibility​.
    • The Quasielemental Plane of Miasma: A plane of decay, corruption, and disease, covered in a thick greenish fog that decays everything it touches, posing a serious threat to all forms of life​.
  • The Omnimental Demiplanes: Complex and extraordinary realms where elemental, quasielemental, paraelemental, and energy types merge, creating environments of unparalleled diversity and unpredictability, where the rules of nature are redefined by an intricate dance of elemental and energetic interplay​.

The Inner Void Belt

The Inner Void Belt marks the transitional area between the Inner and Outer Planar Regions, characterized by stark emptiness and profound darkness. Lacking fully formed planes and hosting only a sparse number of demiplanes, it presents an overwhelmingly dark environment, devoid of the usual markers for planar travel like color pools or gates. This absence leaves an almost infinite void, creating an isolating expanse where the typical star-like points of light representing connections to other realms are notably absent, making it a daunting and isolating space for any planar traveler.

For travelers, the Inner Void Belt evokes an oppressive sense of isolation and disorientation, as traditional navigation methods prove ineffective. The region's lack of distinct features renders finding a path out extremely challenging, potentially ensnaring the unwary or unprepared. The Inner Void Belt, thus, stands as a testament to the vast and unknown mysteries of the cosmos, reminding of the enigmatic spaces that exist between the more structured realms of existence.

The Outer Planar Region

The Outer Void

The Outer Void represents the enigmatic boundary of the known universe, a mysterious and unfathomable frontier that verges on the realms beyond comprehension. It is the outermost layer of the cosmos, encasing the Outer Planar Region and marking the threshold to the Far Realm. Within this expansive void, the fabric of reality begins to fray, and the established laws of physics and magic, as understood in the inner regions, start to thin out. This region is a cosmic abyss where the familiar structures of existence dissolve, leading to a stark and unavoidable emptiness, devoid of light and matter. Still, there are few mysteries to be explored for those brave enough to cross the vast emptiness.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane serves as the cosmic connective tissue, linking every plane and demiplane in the cosmology, except for the Godrift, offering planar travelers the most efficient route across the vast, intricate multiverse. Resembling an infinite sky of dark silvery hues, it's speckled with countless points of light, each a color pool and a doorway to another plane. Despite its ethereal beauty, the Astral Plane is predominantly empty, with the sparse matter present originating from other planes. Defying conventional physics, it possesses no gravity, allowing movement to be dictated by thought alone. In this timeless expanse, the usual effects of time are suspended, creating a realm where aging ceases, wounds remain static (unless healed by magic), and the need for sustenance is obviated, making it a unique and enigmatic plane of existence​

Sylvawyn, The Tree of Existence

The Etherax (Godrift)

The Far Realm