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Basic Information
TitleThe Cunning Light, The Wily Guardian
SymbolA rope knot of infinite turns
AlignmentNeutral Good
Allowed AlignmentsLG, NG, CG, N
Primary PortfolioAdaptability, Common Sense, Trickery
Secondary PortfolioAgility, Companionship, Luck, Wit
Favored WeaponSling
Selya, The Cunning Light

Selya, deity of trickery, embodies a refreshingly grounded approach to the divine. Unlike the aloofness that characterizes many of her celestial peers, she walks a path closely intertwined with the day-to-day realities of the world's inhabitants. With a special place in her heart for the underdogs of creation, Selya champions those creatures that, though they may lack in strength or size, overflow with common sense. Her affinity lies with the small, the frail, the ones who navigate the perils of existence through their wits, adaptability, and the occasional stroke of luck. In the grand scheme of life, these creatures are her chosen, a testament to the power of cunning over force, of brain over brawn.

Selya's doctrine is one of perpetual innovation and creative thinking. She delights in the unconventional, constantly seeking solutions that lie beyond the obvious, the straightforward. This penchant for lateral thinking is not just a personal quirk but a core aspect of her divine essence, a gift she generously extends to her followers. She encourages them not only to embrace adaptability as a virtue but to see it as a fundamental approach to life. To her disciples, she imparts the wisdom that common sense, sharpened by the whetstone of ingenuity, can carve a path through even the most daunting obstacles.

In Selya's realm, trickery is elevated from mere deceit to a sacred art—a means of leveling the playing field, a cloak for the vulnerable, a shield against the tyranny of the mighty. She teaches that trickery, wielded with precision and care, is the ultimate defense for those who find themselves overpowered or outnumbered. It's a strategic counterbalance, a way to outmaneuver those with ill intentions, ensuring survival and safeguarding the innocents. However, she is adamant that this tool, potent as it may be, must never cross the line into malevolence. In her teachings, trickery is a means of protection, a way to ward off harm and injustice, not to perpetrate it.

Selya's ethos is a beacon for those who feel overshadowed in a world that too often rewards physical might over mental agility. Through her, the overlooked and underestimated find their patron, a divine advocate who not only values their existence but champions their strategies for survival. She stands as a reminder that, in the grand scheme of the cosmos, strength manifests in myriad forms, and sometimes, the greatest power lies in the ability to outthink, not overpower, one's adversaries.

Selya distinguishes herself with a form as unique as her ethos. Eschewing the grandiose visages favored by her peers, she adopts the guise of a halfling, a nod to her affinity for those who thrive on wit over might. Her appearance, a deliberate embrace of the modest and the cunning, mirrors the essence of her divine domain. Clad in a rogue's outfit, Selya embodies the spirit of adaptability and cleverness she champions. The garments, practical yet stylish, allow her the freedom to navigate the myriad scenarios her trickster ways often lead her into. Her curly hair, kept short, is a testament to her pragmatic approach to life; nothing about her is superfluous, every aspect honed for efficiency and ease. Her skin, as white as the moonlight she so loves to dance under, contrasts starkly with her attire, making her seem almost ethereal in the dim light of dusk or dawn. Yet, it's her eyes, a light shade of brown, that hold the most intrigue. They sparkle with the mischief and wisdom of one who has seen the world in all its complexity and chooses still to approach it with a smirk and a clever plan. Selya also favors appearing as a diminutive, unassuming mouse, symbolizing the might of the meek and the power of cleverness over brute strength.


Selya's symbol is a rope knot of infinite turns. This complex knot, with its endless loops and twists, serves as a profound metaphor for life's unpredictable journey, symbolizing the interplay of trickery, adaptability, with each turn of the rope represents the myriad paths one might take, highlighting the importance of flexibility and cleverness in navigating the challenges of existence. The choice of rope, an everyday material, underscores Selya's down-to-earth approach and her affinity for the humble and the clever.

Relations With Other Deities

Selya's essence as the guardian of the meek shines brightly. Her down-to-earth demeanor and unwavering stance as a protector of those less fortunate carve her a revered niche within the Celestial Pantheon. Her mastery of trickery, wielded with a kind heart and sharp wit, endears her to many, creating a sanctuary for the underdog within the divine realm.

Her alliance with Milucrah, though founded on a mutual respect for the art of trickery, is tinged with complexity. While both deities dance with deception, Selya's moral compass steers her towards using such skills for the greater good, unlike Milucrah, who sees no fault in trickery for personal gain. This subtle discord lays bare the ethical boundaries Selya will not cross, emphasizing her noble intent.

Her closest bonds are with Cirgrith and Bran, with whom she shares a deep understanding of the indispensable role of adaptability and ingenuity in the fabric of existence. Together, they stand as paragons of resilience, advocating for the strength found in cleverness and the courage to explore the unknown.

Yet, it is her fervent opposition to Yudthel that most vividly illustrates her virtues. In Yudthel's shadow, Selya's light burns all the brighter, a beacon against the exploitation of cunning for cruelty. This enmity underscores a crucial aspect of her divinity: trickery, in Selya's realm, is a tool for protection, a means to shield the vulnerable from the harshness of the world. Her commitment to this principle not only defines her place among the gods but also marks her as a steadfast ally to those navigating the intricate dance of life.

What The Legends Say


Selya, in mouse form

Selya's dogma is expressed in these five principles:

  • Embrace Cleverness as a Shield: Selya teaches that wit and trickery are not just tools of deceit but shields for the vulnerable. Her followers are encouraged to employ cleverness and common sense to protect themselves and those in need, always using their ingenuity for defense and survival, not for exploitation or harm.
  • Value the Small and the Weak: Acknowledge the strength and potential in those who may appear weak or underestimated. Selya champions the cause of the meek, urging her adherents to uplift and defend the rights and dignity of all beings, regardless of their stature or strength.
  • Harness Trickery for Good: While deception is a tool in Selya's arsenal, it must be wielded with ethical intent. Followers are guided to use trickery and subterfuge only as a means to positive ends, such as aiding those in distress, overcoming unjust obstacles, and fostering fairness and equality.
  • Adaptability Through Agility: In a world of unending flux, Selya heralds agility as the cornerstone of adaptability. This tenet encourages followers to cultivate not only a quickness of body but a nimbleness of mind, allowing them to gracefully adapt to every twist life presents. It emphasizes the harmonious development of physical dexterity and swift thinking, enabling one to adeptly navigate life’s challenges.
  • Seize Fortune with Wisdom: Selya blesses her followers with the favor of luck, urging them to recognize and seize the opportunities that fate presents. However, this tenet cautions against overreliance on fortune; wisdom must guide the use of luck. Followers are taught to appreciate the moments of serendipity as gifts, not guarantees, and to discern when to act on luck's whispers and when to step back, ensuring that they make the most of each chance without pushing their luck into folly.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Selya

Selya's clergy is a mosaic of individuals from various races and backgrounds, though halflings are very common among their ranks. These followers, embodying the deity's affinity for subtlety and protection, hail from every corner of the land, united in their devotion to adaptability and trickery for the greater good. They blend seamlessly into the crowds, their attire mirroring that of the common folk among whom they move. However, a distinctive mark of their allegiance is the hooded cloaks they don, often shadowing their features in mystery and allowing them the anonymity to act in Selya's name without drawing undue attention.

Resourcefulness and agility course through the veins of Selya's followers as vital tenets of their creed. They are the embodiment of both mental quickness and physical grace, navigating life's unpredictabilities with a dancer's poise and a strategist's mind. Ethical tricksters, they wield deceit like a carefully honed blade, always aimed at safeguarding the innocent or undermining the unjust. They are the unseen guardians, their protective shadow cast wide over those deemed too weak or small to stand against the towering odds of malice and greed.

In their dealings, Selya's clergy are opportunists tempered by wisdom, their every action a calculated step that balances the scales of chance and forethought. Charismatic and persuasive, they weave through societal fabric, mending and strengthening the bonds of community with words as much as deeds. Their mastery of disguise is unparalleled, a testament to their goddess's shape-shifting nature, allowing them to become the silent watchers or the unexpected saviors as need be. Quick to learn and quicker to adapt, they embrace challenges with open arms, seeing in every hurdle a lesson to be learned, a puzzle to be solved. Above all, despite their penchant for blending into the background, their commitment to the communities they serve is unwavering, a beacon of hope and cleverness in a world that often overlooks the quiet strengths of the cunning and the kind.

In certain communities, especially within halfling settlements, Selya's clerics adopt a more open role. Here, they emerge as mentors, generously sharing their wisdom and skills to empower the meek, ensuring they possess the means to navigate and thrive in the wider world. They become pillars of support, not just through vigilant oversight but by preparing the community for collective action in defense of its security. Their presence is a blend of guidance and guardianship, fostering resilience and self-reliance among those they protect.

Selya's temples, sanctuaries of cunning and refuge, can be found in two distinct forms, each embodying the essence of her teachings in their unique way. In communities where her clergy act openly, particularly within halfling settlements, the temples stand as simple yet functional structures. Their design, unassuming and practical, mirrors the deity's down-to-earth nature, with doors perpetually open to those in need. Clerics work in tandem with the community, their presence woven into the daily fabric of life, offering guidance, protection, and support. However, beneath this simplicity lies a network of hidden depths; secret rooms, underground passages, and concealed vaults are common. These hidden features serve as escape routes in times of danger, secure vaults for the community's valuables or reserves, and sanctuaries where plans can be crafted away from prying eyes.

In contrast, within the bustling heart of larger settlements, temples dedicated to Selya adopt a guise of secrecy. They masquerade as ordinary buildings — stores, inns, or homes — blending seamlessly into the urban landscape. Here, her clerics move in shadows, their true purpose cloaked behind mundane facades. These clandestine temples become havens of safety, not just for the clergy but for allies and those in need of sanctuary. Operating undercover, the clerics within these temples embody Selya's affinity for adaptability and subterfuge, ensuring that even in the most populous of places, the spirit of Selya guides and protects those who seek her wisdom.


The journey to become a follower of Selya is one of learning and transformation. The hopeful soul approaches the temple of Selya and declares their intent to the temple's clerics. With this the preparation for initiation begins, marking the start of a year dedicated to mastering the skills and wisdom of Selya's path, commonly just shy of their coming of age.

As the seasons change, the initiate is challenged with tasks that teach the basic skills necessary for survival. These are the art of stealth, the precision of the sling, and the virtue of concealment, al, three essential for a follower of Selya. Each day concludes with an hour of deep meditation, where the lessons of the day are intertwined with the principles of Selya's dogma, forging a deeper understanding and connection with the deity's teachings.

On the final day of preparation, the initiate dedicates themselves to complete meditation, reflecting on the year's growth and seeking a spiritual communion with Selya. This day of introspection culminates in a profound sense of readiness and purpose.

With the break of a new dawn, the initiate stands before the temple altar, surrounded by the presence of Selya's clerics. Here, they offer a heartfelt prayer, pledging their life to Selya's service and the protection of the meek. As the cleric casts the initiation spell, a sacred bond is formed between the deity and the follower, marking the beginning of a lifelong commitment to walk the path of trickery and kindness, armed with the wisdom and blessings of Selya.