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Basic Information
TitleLord of Secrets, The Inscrutable One
SymbolA tower with a crescent moon
AlignmentLawful Evil
Allowed AlignmentsLN, LE, NE
Primary PortfolioConspiracies, Intrigue, Secrets, Spies
Secondary PortfolioDeception, Knowledge, Memory, Misfortune, Mysticism, Planning
Favored WeaponQuarterstaff
Samael, Lord of Secrets

Samael, the enigmatic deity of Secrets and Conspiracies, is a figure shrouded in mystery and veiled in shadow. As the Master of Shadows, he thrives in the dark recesses of existence, manipulating events from behind the scenes with an inscrutable and elusive presence. His essence is a labyrinth of secrets, each turn and twist revealing deeper layers of hidden truths. As the Architect of Intrigue, Samael views life as a complex web of schemes and plots. He delights in the art of orchestration, meticulously planning and executing elaborate conspiracies. Strategic thinking and cunning are his hallmarks, as he revels in the challenge of outwitting both allies and foes alike.

Revered by those who walk in darkness, Samael is the Patron of the Hidden. Spies, informants, and manipulators flock to his shadowy embrace, seeking the knowledge and tools he provides. To his followers, he offers the power of understanding and the means to manipulate situations to their advantage. Under his tutelage, they become masters of subterfuge, capable of uncovering and exploiting the secrets of others. He understands that by controlling secrets and conspiracies, he can shape the destiny of individuals and nations. His moral stance is utilitarian, valuing outcomes that enhance his power and influence, regardless of the means employed. He teaches that lies and deceit are powerful tools. In his doctrine, deception is not merely a means to an end but an art form in itself. He instills in his followers the belief that any action, no matter how morally ambiguous, is justified if it leads to a greater purpose.

Coldly calculating and ruthlessly efficient, Samael does not shy away from harsh actions. His followers are expected to mirror this unflinching approach, prioritizing results over ethical considerations. Loyalty and discretion are paramount in his eyes, and the Guardian of Secrets demands that his followers protect their secrets and the secrets of the cult with unwavering dedication. Betrayal is met with swift and severe punishment, ensuring a community bound by fear and loyalty.

Samael hoards arcane and esoteric lore, believing that true power lies in what is hidden from common sight. He encourages his devotees to seek out this forbidden wisdom, using it to further their own ends and to strengthen their hold over others. In his view, knowledge is a weapon, and he wields it with unparalleled skill. He combines his deep knowledge of the arcane with his strategic mind, creating plots that are both intricate and mystically enhanced. His followers often dabble in mysticism, using magical means to further their secretive agendas and to ensure their plans come to fruition.

Samael stands as a towering and lean figure, exuding an otherworldly presence with his elven features. His long hair, an ethereal mix of white and black, cascades down his back like a flowing river of shadows and light. His face, carved with precision, bears fine features and his skin is a pale white, almost ghostly in appearance, giving him an aura of mystique. His eyes, two luminous white orbs, are encircled by dark, intricate markings, adding to his enigmatic visage. Black horns, twisted and arching backward, emerge from his head, contributing to his formidable and awe-inspiring appearance. Draped in exquisitely ornamented robes, Samael's attire speaks of both his high status and refined taste. Every fold and pattern of his clothing is a testament to his attention to detail and his appreciation for the finer things. His demeanor is perpetually calm and composed, every word he utters and every gesture he makes are measured and educated, reflecting a deep-seated wisdom and an unshakable confidence. In his presence, one feels the weight of ancient secrets and the subtle power of a being who is both timeless and inscrutable. In his other form, Samael shows himself as a black-furred cat with fine features. His sleek, lean body and striking coloration mirror his enigmatic nature. The cat's sharp, intelligent eyes and graceful movements embody the calm and educated demeanor that defines Samael in all his manifestations.


Samael's symbol is a dark tower rising above a glowing crescent moon. The tower, made from obsidian and inscribed with ancient runes, symbolizes Samael's dominion over secrets and his unyielding presence as a guardian of hidden truths. The crescent moon, positioned to cradle the base of the tower, emits a pale, ethereal light, representing the veil of night and the clandestine nature of his power. Together, the elements of the symbol evoke the balance between darkness and illumination, signifying Samael's role as the keeper of mysteries and the revealer of concealed knowledge.

Relations With Other Deities

Samael, with his unrivaled capacity to weave intricate plots and strategies, coupled with an unyielding coldness and complete disregard for others, emerges as one of the most dangerous beings in existence. His presence casts a long shadow over the pantheon, instilling fear and wariness among the divine. His meticulous nature and calculating mind allow him to orchestrate events with a precision that leaves little room for error. Every move he makes is part of a grand design, a chess game where each piece is manipulated to achieve his dark objectives. This relentless pursuit of power and knowledge makes him a formidable adversary, feared by all who know of his deeds.

The celestial pantheon, particularly Gaidos, the deity of knowledge, views Samael as a dire threat. Gaidos, Samael's major antagonist, is the only deity known to possess the intellect and insight necessary to counter Samael's machinations. Their rivalry is legendary, a perpetual clash of minds where each seeks to outmaneuver the other. Gaidos's ability to anticipate and thwart Samael's plans is a beacon of hope for the forces of good, but it is a constant struggle. The deities of balance, too, are deeply concerned by Samael's actions. His relentless pursuit of secret knowledge and his use of it to further the cause of evil threatens to tip the scales, jeopardizing the stability of the multiverse itself.

Tiamat, the queen of dragons, sees in Samael an invaluable ally. His unparalleled skill in devising complex schemes and his strategic mind make him a critical asset in her constant battle against the forces of good. Samael's plots, crafted with precision and foresight, are instrumental in advancing Tiamat's ambitions. However, Tiamat is no fool; she recognizes the necessity of caution in her dealings with him. She is acutely aware that Samael's loyalty is fleeting, that his plots run deep and his true motives are often shrouded in mystery. Despite their alliance, Tiamat remains vigilant, always wary of the day when Samael might turn his cunning against her to serve his own ends. This delicate balance of power and mistrust defines their relationship, a dangerous dance where one misstep could lead to disaster.

What The Legends Say


Samael, in cat form

These are the five principles that define Samael's dogma:

  • Seek the Hidden Truths: The pursuit of knowledge, especially that which is concealed or forbidden, is paramount. Followers must constantly strive to uncover secrets and hidden truths, using any means necessary. Knowledge is power, and only through understanding the unknown can true mastery be achieved.
  • Embrace the Cold Logic: Emotions are weaknesses that cloud judgment. Followers of Samael must cultivate a mindset of absolute logic and cold calculation. Decisions should be made with precision, devoid of sentiment, to ensure the most effective and efficient outcomes.
  • Learn to Use Others: Master the art of manipulation by knowing just how much knowledge to share and how to leverage others, even enemies, to your advantage. Manipulate situations and people to serve your purposes, always ensuring that you hold the upper hand.
  • Use Knowledge as a Weapon: Knowledge should not only be sought but also wielded with deadly precision. Followers must use their understanding of secrets and hidden truths to further their own ends and to dismantle their enemies. Information can topple empires and destroy lives—use it wisely.
  • Serve No One but Self: While alliances and loyalties may be formed, and are encouraged, they are always secondary to one's own ambitions and survival. Followers of Samael are encouraged to be self-reliant and to prioritize their own advancement above all else. Be ever vigilant, for even allies may become threats when their goals diverge.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Samael

Samael's clergy operates within a meticulously organized, hierarchical structure reminiscent of an ancient and secretive order. This elite cadre draws primarily from rogue classes and arcane spellcasters, individuals who possess the cunning and intellect necessary to serve their dark master. These followers are instantly recognizable by their elaborate attire, designed not just for functionality but to project an aura of influence and intimidation. Their robes are adorned with intricate designs and arcane runes, each symbol representing their deep connection to forbidden knowledge and ancient secrets.

Trained to act with cold logic and precision, members of Samael's clergy are masters of influence and manipulation. They weave elaborate plots and strategies, using their extensive knowledge to influence the broader events of the multiverse. Their understanding of the dynamics of power is unparalleled, allowing them to maneuver through political and social landscapes with ease. These clerics do not work alone; they maintain vast networks of informants and spies, ensuring they are always several steps ahead of their adversaries.

In their quest for influence, Samael's clergy often seeks positions as advisors to powerful rulers and kingdoms. They present themselves as loyal and beneficial servants, subtly guiding their masters towards decisions that align with their own dark agendas. While their immediate actions may appear to benefit those they serve, they are always working towards deeper, more sinister goals. Their plots are intricate and multi-layered, often taking years to come to fruition. By the time these deeper schemes are uncovered, it is usually too late for anyone to counteract them.

A hallmark of Samael's clergy is their expertise in gathering and safeguarding secrets. They employ sophisticated methods to ensure the most important information is never held by a single individual. Instead, they use a network of keepers, each possessing only a fragment of the whole. This way, the full extent of their knowledge remains protected, even if one of their number is compromised. This system of compartmentalized secrecy ensures that the clergy's plans remain hidden until the precise moment they choose to reveal them.

The clergy's actions and methodologies make them both sought after and shunned. On one hand, their unparalleled knowledge and strategic acumen are highly valued by those in power. On the other hand, their reputation for manipulation, coupled with their connection to dark and forbidden knowledge, makes them figures of suspicion and fear.

Samael's clergy, known for their cunning and discretion, typically eschews the need for established temples. Most members maintain small, hidden shrines, especially when operating outside areas of evil influence. These shrines, often concealed in plain sight or within the walls of seemingly mundane locations, allow them to blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Despite their scattered and secretive nature, the clergy remains deeply connected through intricate networks of communication and powerful magic, ensuring that no member is ever truly isolated from the main body of the order.

In the rare regions where Samael's followers do establish temples, these structures are nothing short of magnificent and intimidating. The facades of these temples are richly adorned with arcane ornamentation, which serve a dual purpose. While they are visually striking, these decorations are primarily powerful arcane protections, designed to thwart divination and prevent unauthorized entry. These magical defenses extend inside the temples as well, fortifying them as impregnable vaults of the forbidden. Within these hallowed halls lie vast libraries filled with ancient tomes, scrolls, and artifacts, all meticulously gathered to enhance the clergy's understanding and influence.

These temples are not merely repositories of knowledge but also vital strategic hubs. Here, the clergy gathers to devise and coordinate their elaborate plots, using the wealth of information at their disposal. High-ranking members convene in secret councils, their meetings shrouded in mystery and protected by powerful wards. In these councils, they discuss their plans and share intelligence gathered through their extensive networks of informants. The atmosphere within these temples is one of calculated precision and dark ambition, reflecting the very essence of Samael's domain.


Due to the secretive nature of Samael's clergy, it is exceedingly difficult for an individual to directly contact a cleric to request initiation. However, this rarely poses a problem, as the extensive network of informants is always on the lookout for potential candidates. These candidates, who will eventually become part of the network themselves, are carefully observed. When the time is right, typically a year before the candidate's coming of age, a member of Samael's network will make contact. If the candidate shows interest, they can then begin the preparation phase of their initiation.

Once initiated, the candidate undergoes rigorous training by members of the network in information gathering and safekeeping techniques. These trainings can be brutal, particularly those focused on safekeeping, as they involve subjecting the initiate to harsh tortures to teach them how to resist such ordeals. Soon, the initiate begins receiving secret information and is tasked with small roles within the network's operations. True to the clergy's nature, the information provided is always the minimum necessary to complete their tasks, ensuring layers of secrecy are maintained.

Each day, the initiate must meditate for at least one hour, reflecting on their actions and the knowledge acquired. This meditation is crucial for understanding the deeper implications of their deeds and aligning them with Samael’s dogma of cold logic, manipulation, and the relentless pursuit of hidden truths. This practice ingrains the core principles of Samael’s philosophy into their daily routine.

On the final day of preparation, the initiate spends the entire day in solitude, contemplating the meaning of Samael's dogma. They must reflect on how their actions align with the principles of cold logic, manipulation, and the pursuit of knowledge. This day of contemplation is essential for internalizing the values and philosophy of Samael, preparing them for their new role within the clergy.

The next day, the initiate must present themselves at a location specified by the network. There, kneeling before a cleric, the initiate recites the oath of secrecy, promising to uphold the tenets of Samael and to use their knowledge and skills in service to his cause. The cleric then imprints the mark of the Network, a magical symbol that identifies the initiate as a new member of Samael's intricate web of informants. Following this, the cleric casts the initiation spell, solidifying the initiate’s bond with Samael and confirming their new role within his followers. This ritual marks the beginning of their journey as a dedicated servant of the deity of secrets and conspiracies.