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Basic Information
TitleThe Master of Truths, The Omniscient Guardian
SymbolA quill writing on an open book
AlignmentNeutral Good
Allowed AlignmentsLG, NG, CG, N
Primary PortfolioEducation, History, Knowledge, Reason, Truth, Wisdom
Secondary PortfolioCreation, Engineering, Inspiration, Logic, Philosophy, Scholarship, Wizardry, Writing
Favored WeaponQuarterstaff
Gaidos, The Master of Truths

Gaidos, the deity of knowledge and truth, emerges as a beacon illuminating the endless realms with the light of knowledge and truth. Enshrined within him is an ocean of understanding that spans every conceivable subject, from the mysteries of creation to the intricate dance of logic and philosophy. His guidance, steeped in a profound blend of practical wisdom and philosophical depth, offers a compass to those seeking direction, making the complex navigable and the perplexing clear.

Gaidos's infinite wisdom is matched only by his boundless curiosity, an eternal flame that drives him to explore the unknown corners of existence. Unlike the stereotypical gatekeeper of knowledge, Gaidos is a generous spirit, eager to share his vast reservoir of understanding with all who approach with noble intent. This open-handedness with wisdom is a testament to his belief in knowledge as a shared treasure, a legacy to be passed down for the enrichment of all.

Patient and methodical, Gaidos approaches the pursuit of knowledge as a journey without end, a lifelong odyssey that unfolds one discovery at a time. His followers are taught to embrace curiosity with patience, understanding that true enlightenment unfolds gradually, with each step taken in the quest for understanding. His analytical mind, a labyrinthine library of logic and insight, approaches problems with a precision that unravels complexities and lays bare the truths hidden within.

Above all, Gaidos embodies the essence of good, using his unparalleled insight to foster creativity, encourage innovation, and guide his followers toward using their knowledge for the betterment of all. In the face of despair, his optimism is unshakeable, often illuminating paths previously unseen, solutions woven from the fabric of wisdom and knowledge. Gaidos stands as a testament to the power of knowledge wielded with compassion, an eternal guardian of truth and enlightenment in a world ever thirsty for understanding.

Gaidos chooses an appearance that defies the expectations of omnipotence. With the visage of a very youthful boy, he wanders the world. His short brown hair, tousled by the winds of inquiry, frames a face alight with the vibrant hue of curiosity, his eyes a striking blue, mirroring the vastness of the knowledge he guards. Adorned in attire that bridges the realms of arcane and practicality, Gaidos's robes swirl with brilliant colors, a canvas depicting the spectrum of human understanding and divine insight. Upon his head sits a wizard's hat, a nod to the seekers of arcane truths, while his eyes are accentuated by big, round glasses, the lenses through which the infinite becomes discernible. At his side, a quarterstaff of exquisite craftsmanship, not just a tool of defense but a symbol of his journey through the corridors of knowledge. Over his shoulder, a bag heavy with books and scrolls, each page a testament to his eternal quest for wisdom. This is Gaidos, not merely a god but a companion on the path of discovery, his youthful guise a reminder that the pursuit of knowledge is a journey with no end, where every step forward is a step into the boundless possibilities of understanding. Gaidos, in his animal form, appears as a graceful sparrow adorned with brown and golden feathers, embodying wisdom's light touch and the gleam of knowledge.


The symbol, a medallion featuring a feather pen poised above an open book, encapsulates the divine essence of Gaidos, the deity of Knowledge, Truth, and Wisdom. The open book symbolizes the vast expanse of knowledge accessible to those who seek it, while the feather pen represents the act of contributing to this ever-growing repository of wisdom. Together, they embody Gaidos's encouragement for continuous learning and sharing of enlightenment

Relations With Other Deities

In the celestial pantheon, Gaidos's easygoing and benevolent nature has woven strong friendships and respect among the gods. Each deity, in recognizing the depth of his wisdom, counts Gaidos not just as an ally but as a cherished friend. His counsel is a beacon of light, guiding the celestial beings through the complexities of the cosmos with grace and insight.

Within this circle of divine camaraderie, Bahamut, the deity of good, holds Gaidos in high regard, trusting him as his primary advisor. Their bond, fortified by mutual respect and shared ideals, extends to Leviathar, the deity of the sea, with whom they form the Pillars of Good. This alliance symbolizes a brotherhood committed to the safeguarding of all that is just and pure, standing as a bulwark against the shadows that seek to encroach upon the multiverse.

Gaidos's affinity for knowledge creates a special kinship with Chronos, the deity of time, Devian, the deity of magic, and Cirgrith, deity of exploration and discovery. These friendships are built on a foundation of endless curiosity and the relentless pursuit of enlightenment. Together, they traverse the boundless realms of understanding, their bonds strengthened by the shared thirst for discovery and the unraveling of the universe's mysteries.

Despite the warmth in his heart and the absence of hatred for any creature, Gaidos holds a solemn stance against Tiamat and Nessus, whom he considers the gravest threats to the fabric of goodness woven through the multiverse. This discernment does not stem from animosity but from a profound commitment to preserving harmony and benevolence in the face of darkness. Gaidos stands vigilant, his wisdom a guiding light against the encroaching void, embodying the very essence of vigilance and protective grace.

What The Legends Say

Gaidos, traveling the planes in search of knowledge


Gaidos, in sparrow form

Gaidos dogma stems from these five principles:

  • Pursue Knowledge Endlessly: Embrace curiosity as a sacred quest. Seek understanding in all things, for through knowledge, we find our path to enlightenment and the betterment of all.
  • Share Wisdom Generously: Knowledge is a treasure meant to be shared, not hoarded. Spread the insights and truths you discover, for in teaching others, we reinforce our own understanding and contribute to the collective wisdom.
  • Uphold Truth with Integrity: Stand steadfast in truth, for honesty is the foundation upon which trust and righteousness are built. Let your words and actions reflect the unyielding light of truth in all endeavors.
  • Foster Creativity and Innovation: Encourage the exploration of new ideas and creative solutions. The pursuit of knowledge is not just in learning what is, but in imagining what could be and bringing those possibilities to life.
  • Defend Goodness and Harmony: While knowledge itself is neutral, its application must always aim for the good of all. Stand against the forces that seek to disrupt harmony and spread falsehood, using your wisdom as a shield to protect and preserve the balance of the multiverse.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Gaidos, doing research

Within the revered halls of Gaidos's clergy, a diverse tapestry of races and classes converge, united by a singular devotion to the pursuit of knowledge. These scholars, donned in the attire of academia, are often seen with an array of both common and arcane instruments, tools of their unending quest to understand the cosmos. Their hierarchy, though simple, is built on efficiency, eschewing needless procedures to dedicate their essence to research and the benevolent dissemination of wisdom.

Clerics of Gaidos are renowned across realms for their investigative prowess and scholarly depth, delving into myriad fields—from the arcane mysteries and planar secrets to societal structures and beyond. Esteemed as authorities in multiple disciplines, they embody the intellectual diversity championed by their deity. Their roles extend beyond mere acquisition of knowledge; they are revered advisors, problem solvers, and leaders of investigations, impacting communities and the broader world.

The clergy's instructional expertise is unparalleled, offering guidance in both fundamental and complex subjects, making them invaluable pillars within their communities. Integrity forms the cornerstone of their ethos; as arbiters and advisors, their commitment to honesty is unwavering, earning them universal trust.

Inspired by Gaidos's call for innovation, they are pioneers at the forefront of creative problem-solving, eagerly embracing research and experimentation in magic, philosophy, science, and the arts. This creative spirit not only fuels their scholarly endeavors but also enhances their capacity to offer guidance, resolve conflicts, and make enlightened decisions for the greater good.

Benevolence radiates from their actions, from offering counsel to extending charitable acts and education to those less fortunate, underscoring their role as guardians of both knowledge and goodness. In standing against misinformation and threats to harmony, they protect the essence of truth in the multiverse.

At the heart of their collective effort is a deep-seated belief in collaboration, fostering close-knit communities that transcend racial and cultural boundaries. This communal spirit amplifies their impact, weaving a network of shared wisdom that spans the breadth of Gaidos's domain. Together, the clergy of Gaidos stands as a beacon of light, guiding the world toward a future illuminated by knowledge, truth, and wisdom.

Nestled within the heart of communities, the temples of Gaidos stand as beacons of enlightenment, inviting all who seek knowledge and divine wisdom. More than mere sanctuaries for worship, these sacred spaces double as centers for learning and consultation, where individuals come in search of guidance, academic inspiration, or simply to commune with the deity of knowledge.

Renowned across the multiverse, the temples are vaults of unparalleled knowledge. Their libraries, vast repositories of ancient texts and contemporary works, are celebrated as premier sources of information, the largest being considered some of the greatest archives in existence.

Some temples extend their reach beyond community boundaries, positioned amidst nature to facilitate research on the natural world and other phenomena requiring direct observation. These specialized locations highlight the clergy's dedication to comprehensive understanding and exploration.

Moreover, these temples often take on the role of educational institutions. They pride themselves on providing both basic and advanced education to the members of their communities, from young children to adults. Through this commitment, the temples of Gaidos ensure the continuous spread of wisdom and enlightenment, nurturing minds and fostering a universal thirst for knowledge.


The initiation ritual for followers of Gaidos is a meticulously structured journey, beginning a year before the initiation ritual, normally a year before their coming of age, and marked by a series of enriching and transformative experiences. Upon approaching a temple of Gaidos to request initiation, the would-be follower is paired with a mentor, signifying the start of a profound educational journey. This mentorship encompasses comprehensive teachings across various fields, preparing the initiate not only in academic knowledge but in the broader wisdom Gaidos represents.

The initiate’s journey involves direct engagement in the pursuit of new knowledge, assisting researchers in exploring uncharted territories of understanding. Parallelly, they contribute to their community, embodying Gaidos's principle of sharing wisdom by tutoring and conducting workshops, under the guidance of temple scholars.

Daily meditation becomes a cornerstone of their preparation, fostering personal growth and a deeper connection to Gaidos’s teachings. This disciplined reflection helps integrate their academic advancements with spiritual and personal development.

As the preparation year concludes, the initiate observes a day of silent contemplation, a pivotal moment for introspection and consolidation of the year's learnings, aligning themselves fully with Gaidos's path.

The ceremonial day dawns with the initiate presenting their collaborative research within a sacred space of the temple, showcasing their readiness to advance Gaidos's ideals. The ritual peaks as the initiate, kneeling with an unlit candle, is joined by a cleric who lights it from their own, a symbolic transfer of knowledge and enlightenment from mentor to disciple. The cleric then casts the initiation spell, sealing the vow taken by the initiate to adhere to Gaidos’s tenets, thus forging a sacred bond of patronage between Gaidos and his new follower.

This initiation ritual embodies the core principles of Gaidos’s dogma— the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the sharing of wisdom, and a commitment to the betterment of oneself and the community, marking the beginning of a lifelong dedication to enlightenment and service under Gaidos’s guidance.