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Basic Information
TitleThe Ingenious Spark, The Laughing Craftsman
SymbolA cog encasing a bell
AlignmentNeutral Good
Allowed AlignmentsLG, NG, CG, N
Primary PortfolioEngineering, Humor, Invention
Secondary PortfolioIllusion, Joy, Pranks, Wit
Favored WeaponHooked hammer
Thuzulin, The Laughing Craftsman

Thuzulin, deity of invetion and humor, stands as the embodiment of innovation and the spark of creativity. His domain is an ever-expanding workshop where the gears of imagination mesh seamlessly with the cogs of reality, giving rise to strange contraptions that blur the line between magic and mechanism. This deity of invention cherishes the process of creation as an act of joy, guiding his followers to push the boundaries of the possible. Thuzulin's essence fuels the fire of inventors and dreamers, urging them to explore the unknown and to materialize their wildest ideas into existence.

Thuzulin's approach to problem-solving is as unique as the deity himself, often presenting solutions that are as unorthodox as they are effective, even for things that are not even a problem in the first place. He delights in flipping the conventional on its head, proving time and again that the most bizarre invention can answer the most mundane question. Through his divine inspiration, Thuzulin encourages a world where curiosity is celebrated, and every challenge is met with an inventive spirit. His creations, sometimes whimsical, sometimes profound, always carry the signature of his boundless imagination.

Beyond the realm of invention, Thuzulin embodies the heart of humor and the communal spirit of laughter. He teaches that laughter is more than a simple escape; it's a tool for connection, resilience, and understanding. Through clever pranks and joyful jests, Thuzulin reminds all of the importance of not taking life too gravely. His followers are imbued with a light-heartedness that transcends mere amusement, utilizing humor as a means to build bridges and heal wounds.

Thuzulin, in his myriad expressions of creativity and humor, also possesses unparalleled mastery over the arcane, particularly within the realm of illusions. His proficiency in weaving illusions is such that he stands as one the multiverse's preeminent illusionist. He is adept at applying his knowledge of the arcane to his contraptions, as he has built some ancient artifacts capable of generating very potent illusions.

In the communities that honor him, Thuzulin's influence weaves a fabric of camaraderie and shared delight. He views humor and invention not just as personal pursuits but as communal treasures that thrive best in the company of others. It's in the laughter shared over a quirky gadget's unintended outcome, or the collective awe at a seemingly impossible invention, that Thuzulin's presence is most profoundly felt. His doctrine champions a world where joy is found in creation and connection, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose among his devotees.

Thuzulin likes to appear as a gnomish tinkerer, his hair as white as the untouched snow and eyes that mirror the clearest of blue skies, he exudes an aura of wisdom and boundless curiosity. His vibrant gnomish attire, complemented by a leather apron brimming with an eclectic array of tools and clockwork gadgets, speaks of a life dedicated to invention and merriment. Atop his head rests a distinctive gnomish hat, adorned with its own intricate clockwork mechanisms, signifying his mastery over the art of creation. He also likes to to appear as a beaver of silver and brown fur, embodying creativity and industriousness with a playful spark in its eyes.


Thuzulin's symbol, a cog encasing a bell, marries the essence of invention with the spirit of laughter. The cog, a testament to endless creativity and the mechanics of the world, harmonizes with the bell, whose chime evokes joy and spreads humor's light-hearted echo.

Relations With Other Deities

Thuzulin, known for his vibrant spirit and ingenious pranks, is a well-loved deity within the Celestial pantheon. His knack for lifting spirits often bridges gaps between the gods, although his playful antics occasionally push the boundaries of tolerance among his more serious peers. His joyous nature and creative genius endear him to many, fostering a unique camaraderie and injecting light-heartedness into divine interactions.

Among his divine allies, Crossus, the deity of mountains and strength, surprisingly finds delight in Thuzulin's company, revealing a rare, lighter side thanks to Thuzulin's infectious humor. Similarly, Dunguthar values Thuzulin's inventive mind, utilizing his creations to delve deeper into the mysteries of the earth. Within the domain of equilibrium, Thuzulin's friendships with Devian and Chronos underscore his importance, with his innovations directly enhancing the fabric of magic and the flow of time.

Though Thuzulin holds no direct adversaries, his inherent goodness positions him as an antagonist to the pantheon of dread. His commitment to joy and creativity stands in stark contrast to the darker ambitions of these deities, marking him as a beacon of hope and a defender of light-hearted virtue in the eternal dance of divine wills.

What The Legends Say


Thuzulin, in beaver form

Thuzulin's dogma has these five tenets as base:

  • Cherish Innovation: Embrace the pursuit of new ideas and solutions. Thuzulin teaches that invention is not just the creation of gadgets and contraptions but a way of thinking that challenges the status quo and brings joy through discovery.
  • Spread Joy Through Humor: Laughter is a gift to be shared, a tool that binds hearts and lightens burdens. Followers are encouraged to find humor in life's trials, share smiles with those around them, and use wit as a bridge to understanding and friendship.
  • Embrace Curiosity: Curiosity is the spark that ignites the flames of invention and creativity. Thuzulin's followers should always seek to learn more, ask questions, and explore the world around them, for in curiosity lies the key to unlocking the universe's mysteries.
  • Build with Passion: Approach every endeavor with enthusiasm and dedication. Thuzulin inspires his followers to infuse passion into their creations, believing that the most impactful inventions and the most heartfelt laughter arise from a wellspring of genuine enthusiasm.
  • Wield Wit as a Force for Good: Use cleverness and humor not just to entertain, but to enlighten and uplift. Thuzulin advocates for the thoughtful application of wit to challenge injustices, spread happiness, and foster understanding among people, turning the sharp edge of humor into a tool for positive change.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Thuzulin, crafting a toy

Thuzulin's clergy is a congregation where the boundaries of creativity are ceaselessly expanded. This diverse assembly draws together a multitude of vocations - inventors and engineers, comedians and storytellers, each individual a unique conduit of Thuzulin's essence, spreading joy and ingenuity across the lands. Among this colorful array of devotees, gnomes stand out as the most common, their natural affinity for tinkering and jest perfectly aligning with the deity's domains.

Adorned in fine, vivid garments that mirror the exuberant spirit of their faith, the clergy is easily identifiable. Their attire is not just a statement of devotion but a reflection of the boundless joy they carry within. Complementing their colorful clothing are heavy leather gloves and aprons, bristling with an arsenal of tools for craft and invention. These garments and accessories are not merely for show; they symbolize the clergy's readiness to bring solutions to life, to mend what is broken, and to innovate for the betterment of their communities.

Renowned across the multiverse as master inventors, Thuzulin's followers possess an unyielding drive to tackle problems with ingenious solutions. Their expertise is not confined to the mechanical; they are also celebrated for their magical tinkering, adeptly weaving their inventive prowess with their magical talents to create wonders that blur the line between the two realms. Yet, beyond their inventiveness lies a deeper gift - the ability to uplift spirits and heal hearts. In their hands, humor becomes a tool as powerful as any gadget, used to dissolve disputes, alleviate grief, and infuse life with a positive outlook.

Among the clergy, bards hold a place of honor, known far and wide for their unparalleled ability to evoke laughter and lightness of heart. These performers are not merely entertainers; they are beacons of hope, their tales and jests a balm for the afflicted, embodying Thuzulin's belief in the transformative power of joy. Through their art, they remind all of the strength found in laughter and the unity it can foster, making the clergy of Thuzulin not just innovators and creators but also healers of the soul.

Among the myriad talents of Thuzulin's clergy, one discipline stands out for its delightful fusion of inventiveness and joy: the art of toy making. These tinkerers, with their deep understanding of both mechanism and mirth, are renowned across lands for crafting toys that are not merely playthings but wonders in their own right. From intricate clockwork marvels to enchanting toys imbued with a touch of magic, each creation is a testament to their maker's skill and imagination. Considered true treasures, these toys encapsulate the spirit of Thuzulin, bringing laughter and awe to children and adults alike, and further cementing the clergy's reputation as masters of both craft and joy.

Nestled within the heart of communities, the temples dedicated to Thuzulin stand as vibrant hubs of faith and creativity, particularly flourishing in gnomish territories but by no means exclusive to them. These sanctuaries bridge the divine with the everyday, their presence a testament to Thuzulin's integrative ethos, welcoming all who share in the deity's passion for invention and merriment, irrespective of their homeland.

Architecturally modest, these temples eschew grandiosity in favor of functionality, yet they captivate the eye with their exuberant aesthetics. Decorated, or as some would argue, adorned to the point of extravagance, each temple bursts with color and life. Bright ornaments dangle from the ceilings, paint the walls, and even embellish the floors, transforming these sacred spaces into living canvases that reflect the deity's joyous spirit. This visual feast serves not just to uplift the spirits but to symbolize the endless possibilities that creativity and humor can unlock.

Beyond their role as places of worship, these temples embody the essence of innovation. Workbenches laden with tools and gadgets line the halls, where master tinkerers, both clergy and lay followers, come together to invent and refine their creations. The air buzzes with the sound of collaboration, as ideas are shared, tested, and brought to life, making these temples vibrant workshops where faith and craft merge seamlessly.

The temples of Thuzulin are also renowned as centers of celebration, pulsating with life throughout the year. Festivities like Prank Days and comedy nights draw crowds from near and far, eager to partake in the laughter and camaraderie these events promise. These celebrations are more than mere entertainment; they are sacred rituals that honor Thuzulin's teachings, fostering community bonds and spreading the healing power of joy. Through these gatherings, the temples affirm their status not just as places of divine worship but as beacons of light-heartedness and innovation in the community.


The journey to embrace Thuzulin as one's patron deity is a transformative quest, beginning precisely one year before the prospective follower's coming of age. This sacred path is initiated by a solemn request made at a temple of Thuzulin or directly to one of his clerics, marking the beginning of a year-long preparation filled with dedication and discovery.

The initiate is entrusted with a special project: commonly the creation of a unique toy, a symbol of Thuzulin's domains of invention and joy. Guided by the seasoned hands of Thuzulin's clerics, the initiate embarks on a journey to master the crafting skills necessary for this endeavor, weaving the essence of Thuzulin's dogma into the very fabric of their creation. Beyond the workshop, the initiate is drawn into the heart of the community, actively participating in the myriad of celebrations that animate Thuzulin's temples. Whether lending their talents to a comedic performance or playing a supporting role in the festivities, the initiate immerses themselves in the communal expression of faith.

With each day's end, a sacred hour of meditation beckons, inviting the initiate to reflect on the day's endeavors and their alignment with Thuzulin's teachings. This daily contemplation builds a deep, introspective connection to the deity's essence, grounding the initiate in the principles of creativity, humor, and innovation.

As the year reaches its zenith, the final day demands a retreat into solitude, a time for the initiate to delve into the depths of their soul, contemplating the mosaic of experiences and insights gained. It is a day of communion with Thuzulin, seeking his guidance and blessing in the silence of their own heart.

Dawn heralds the moment of initiation, where the initiate steps forward in one of the temple's sacred spaces, their craft in hand—a tangible testament to their year of growth, learning, and devotion. Presenting this offering to Thuzulin, through the hands of his cleric, the initiate stands on the threshold of a new beginning. With the casting of the initiation spell, a sacred bond is forged between Thuzulin and the follower, a covenant of creativity, laughter, and invention that will guide the initiate on the paths to come. In this moment, the journey of preparation culminates in a profound union with the deity, marking the beginning of a lifelong adventure under Thuzulin's watchful eye and joyful heart.