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Basic Information
TitleThe Raging Titan, The Volcanic Fury
SymbolA warhammer shattering a mountain peak
AlignmentChaotic Evil
Allowed AlignmentsCN, NE, CE
Primary PortfolioAnger, Dishonor, Earthquakes, Volcanoes
Secondary PortfolioChaos, Fire, Rage, Rebellion, Strength, Unpredictability
Favored WeaponWarhammer
Tarnull, The Raging Titan

Tarnull, deity of earthquakes and volcanoes, is a raw, untamed force. His demeanor is aggressive and ruthless, embodying the violent and unpredictable essence of his domains. Tarnull stands as the physically strongest deity within the pantheon of dread, a formidable force whose very presence can shake the foundations of the world. He revels in using his immense physical strength to rupture the earth, causing chaos and destruction with every tremor and eruption.

At the core of Tarnull's being lies an unyielding rage. This deep, relentless anger fuels his power and influence, transforming him into a terrifying force of nature. His anger is not merely destructive; it is a source of strength, an inexhaustible well of fury that he draws upon to assert his dominance over the cosmos. Tarnull's followers see his rage as a divine gift, a brutal testament to his might.

Strength is the cornerstone of Tarnull's identity. He values physical power above all else, encouraging his followers to cultivate and display their strength through acts of violence and dominance. To Tarnull, strength is the ultimate virtue, and he instills this belief in his devotees, urging them to prove their worth through relentless displays of power. His philosophy is simple and brutal: only the strong deserve to survive and thrive, while weakness is to be eradicated without mercy. This principle of survival of the fittest is central to his teachings, shaping the behavior and outlook of those who worship him.

Tarnull thrives on rebellion and upheaval. He despises order and structure, constantly seeking to disrupt and overthrow established norms. His followers are often rebels and outcasts, individuals who challenge authority and embrace chaos. To them, Tarnull is a beacon of defiance, a god who exemplifies the power of rebellion against the constraints of society. Under his guidance, they find strength in chaos, believing that true power comes from rejecting societal norms and moral constraints.

Unlike deities who value honor, Tarnull sees dishonor as a means to an end. He promotes betrayal and treachery, teaching that true power lies in the rejection of traditional values and the embracing of one's primal instincts. Tarnull's followers are encouraged to use any means necessary to achieve their goals, believing that deceit and treachery are just as valuable as physical strength. To them, dishonor is not a weakness but a strategic tool, a way to undermine their enemies and assert their dominance.

Tarnull's presence is a constant reminder of the raw, untamed power of the earth. His influence spreads through violent eruptions and devastating quakes, leaving chaos and destruction in his wake. As the deity of earthquakes and volcanoes, he stands as a symbol of nature's fury, a force that cannot be controlled or contained. His followers, driven by a desire to emulate his strength and embrace his teachings, continue to challenge the world, spreading chaos and rebellion wherever they go.

In the pantheon of Airalar, Tarnull is a deity of fearsome power and relentless rage. His aggressive and ruthless nature, combined with his unyielding strength and chaotic philosophy, make him a force to be reckoned with. Through his teachings, he cultivates a following of strong, rebellious individuals who challenge the very fabric of society, leaving a trail of chaos and destruction in their path.

Tarnull appears as a muscled man, his form exuding raw, unbridled power. His long and unkempt beard frames a face that is perpetually twisted in a snarl of relentless fury. His eyes burn with an unquenchable fire, a window to the seething anger that fuels his every action. His body is a testament to his dominion over the earth, appearing as if it were carved from solid rock with veins of molten lava coursing beneath the surface, casting a fiery glow through the cracks. This rocky exterior is covered in light armor adorned with fiery ornaments that resemble bones, fangs, and claws, each piece seeming to pulse with the heat of a living volcano. In his hands, Tarnull wields a massive warhammer, an instrument of pure destruction. This weapon is not merely a tool of war but an extension of his very being, used to shatter the earth and unleash the chaotic forces of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. With every swing, he brings the fury of the natural world to bear, a living embodiment of chaos and raw power.

Tarnull's other form is that of a colossal black bear that radiates pure rage and power, one that makes the ground quake with each step of his massive, muscular frame. His obsidian-like fur, sharp and jagged, reflectes the molten lava flowing around him, with veins of magma pulsing beneath the surface and burning red eyes that glare with unquenchable fury from a ferocious face.


Tarnull's holy symbol is a rugged medallion carved from dark, raw stone, depicting a warhammer shattering the peak of a jagged mountain. The warhammer, with its jagged edges and veins of glowing red lava, represents Tarnull's immense strength and destructive power, capable of causing catastrophic geological upheavals. The shattered mountain symbolizes the chaos and unpredictability of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions under his dominion.

Relations With Other Deities

Tarnull's relations with other deities are tumultuous, marked by his chaotic behavior and unbridled rage towards Crossus, the Frostbound Avenger. This enmity is ancient, predating even the mountains themselves, born from Tarnull's intense desire to surpass Crossus and claim the title of the physically strongest being in the multiverse. Tarnull's hatred is not just personal but all-encompassing; he seeks to obliterate everything Crossus represents, including his allies and the virtues he upholds. This vendetta extends to the celestial pantheon and even some deities within the Pantheon of Balance, such as Velthar, whose existence challenges Tarnull's ambitions.

Tarnull's relentless fury finds a strategic alliance with Tiamat, seeing her as the best opportunity to achieve his goals. Within this alliance, his volcanic and earthquake-inducing powers are unleashed without restraint, aiming to disrupt the balance and showcase his dominance. His chaotic nature and destructive tendencies make him a volatile ally, driven by an insatiable need to prove his superiority over Crossus and assert his strength across the realms.

What The Legends Say


Tarnull, in bear form

Tarnull's dogma is defined by these five tenets:

  • Seek Chaos: Seek out and revel in the unpredictable forces of nature. Honor the tumultuous power of earthquakes, volcanoes, and the raw, untamed energy of the earth. Let chaos guide your actions and disrupt the established order wherever you go.
  • Be the Strongest: Strive to become physically powerful, emulating Tarnull’s immense strength. Engage in constant physical challenges and tests of endurance. Destroy those who are stronger than you to claim your rightful place at the top. Only through relentless effort and overcoming great obstacles can you prove your worth and dominate your surroundings.
  • Unleash Your Rage: Harness and channel your inner fury. Let anger and aggression fuel your actions, breaking down barriers and crushing those who oppose you. Tarnull’s wrath is your guiding force, and through it, you will find true power and purpose.
  • Destroy Authority: Rebel against anyone who defies your desires and follow no authority but your own. Tarnull despises stagnation and complacency within established hierarchies. Destroy those who seek to control or subjugate you, promoting rebellion and asserting your dominance over all.
  • Embrace Dishonor: Reject traditional notions of honor and morality. Use deceit, betrayal, and treachery to achieve your goals. Tarnull teaches that dishonor is a tool of the strong, and those who cling to outdated ideals of honor are weak and deserving of defeat.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Tarnull

Tarnull's clergy is notorious for its savage, chaotic nature, where constant power struggles serve to purge the weak from their ranks. This brutal internal conflict, driven by Tarnull’s dogma, ensures that only the strongest and most cunning survive. Within this volatile hierarchy, positions of power frequently change hands, with leaders emerging through physical dominance, strategic deceit, or brutal conquest. Titles are not formally appointed but earned through deeds and challenges, often ending in death for one or more members. This ruthless selection process keeps Tarnull's clergy small, but every member is a force to be feared.

Common classes for clerics of Tarnull include Barbarians, and Fighters, reflecting their devotion to strength and combat prowess. They typically dress in dark, rugged clothing made from durable materials like leather and stone, often adorned with volcanic motifs. Armor is common, featuring spikes and jagged edges that symbolize their destructive nature. Tattoos and scars are prevalent, serving as proud marks of their battles and rituals. Many also use adornments made from obsidian and other volcanic rocks, further emphasizing their connection to their deity.

Fierce, aggressive, and unyielding, Tarnull's clergy act with the confidence of those favored by a god who prizes strength above all else. They are seen as harbingers of destruction, both feared and respected. Interacting with society primarily through acts of rebellion and offering their services as mercenaries or enforcers, their presence signals impending change, usually through violent upheaval. Their unparalleled strength and ability to cause significant disruption make them sought after by those looking to overthrow existing powers, incite rebellion, or gain an edge in conflicts.

Operating mostly near the borders of evil domains, Tarnull’s clergy use their battle prowess and relentless rage to expand the influence of evil. However, in more stable societies that value order and peace, they are unwelcome and mistrusted. Their association with chaos and destruction, disregard for traditional honor and morality, and tendency to betray and deceive further isolate them from communities that prize trust and integrity. This duality ensures that while they are invaluable allies in times of conflict, they remain dangerous outcasts in times of peace.

Temples of Tarnull are most commonly found on the borders of evil domains, where the clergy can unleash their destructive rage while expanding their region's influence. These strategic locations allow them to act as both bastions of chaos and forward bases for incursions into enemy territories. In addition to these border temples, some are situated in remote and rugged terrains, often near volcanic sites, rocky mountains, and desolate canyons. These isolated locations are chosen for their symbolic connection to Tarnull’s destructive power and to ensure that only the most determined followers can reach them. Constructed from dark, raw stone and other natural materials, Tarnull’s temples exude a crude and primal appearance. The architecture is heavy and solid, designed to withstand the violent forces associated with their deity. The structures are robust, with walls that seem to grow from the very earth itself, embodying the raw, untamed nature of Tarnull’s power.

These temples are not merely places of ritualistic worship; they serve multiple critical functions for Tarnull’s followers. They are training grounds where devotees hone their physical strength and combat skills, preparing for the brutal challenges they will face. Within these walls, followers engage in fierce contests of strength and ferocity, often in rugged arenas equipped with deadly obstacles. These brutal tests ensure that only the strongest and most resilient can claim positions of power within the clergy. Additionally, Tarnull’s temples act as strongholds. They are fortified bases where followers gather and organize before launching raids and assaults on their enemies. The temples’ strategic locations and robust constructions make them ideal for these purposes, providing both a secure refuge and a launch point for their destructive campaigns.

In these sacred spaces, the air is thick with the smell of sulfur and the heat of molten rock, reinforcing the connection to their fiery god. The echoes of training roars, the clash of weapons, and the chants of dark rituals create an atmosphere charged with anticipation and dread. Here, under the watchful eyes of their god, Tarnull’s followers prepare to bring chaos and ruin to the world.


Would-be followers of Tarnull are often drawn from the harsh frontier regions between areas of evil influence and regions ripe for expansion. The rugged conditions of these lands create individuals of formidable toughness and resilience, perfectly suited for Tarnull's brutal demands. Aspiring followers typically begin their initiation preparation one year before the ritual, usually a year before their coming of age.

To start the initiation, the would-be follower must approach a temple of Tarnull and request to join. This initial step is fraught with danger, as the clergy are known to kill on the spot those they deem unfit. Approval marks only the beginning of a grueling journey, as the chosen face a year-long regime of relentless training challenges. This regime includes brutal athletic survival tests, participation in temple raids, and fierce battle arenas where initiates are often pitted against each other. Survival is far from guaranteed, and many do not make it through the year.

Throughout this period, initiates endure constant beatings from their trainers, designed to stoke their anger and toughen them for the challenges ahead. Each day, the initiate must meditate for at least an hour, focusing on their weaknesses and seeking ways to awaken their inner rage to become stronger for the next day's trials.

At the end of the year, the initiate spends an entire day in isolation, communing with Tarnull's dogma and fueling their rage in preparation for the final challenge. The following day, the initiate presents themselves before one or more clerics, who administer a life-or-death challenge as the ultimate test. This could be a perilous physical task, such as climbing a wall of hot volcanic rock without equipment, or a battle challenge against a formidable opponent.

Upon completing the challenge, if they survive, the cleric casts the initiation spell, formally inducting the initiate as a full follower of Tarnull. This ritual signifies their acceptance into Tarnull's fold, marking the end of their brutal journey and the beginning of their life as a harbinger of chaos and destruction.