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Basic Information
TitleThe Blighted One, The Rotting Monarch
SymbolA red eye emerging from slime
AlignmentNeutral Evil
Allowed AlignmentsN, LE, NE, CE
Primary PortfolioAberrancy, Corruption, Deformity, Foulness
Secondary PortfolioDecay, Opression, Poison, Slavery, Slime, Ugliness
Favored WeaponMace
Kal'Katoth, The Blighted One

Kal'Katoth, deity of corruption and aberrancy, is the embodiment of repulsion, decay, foulness, and corruption. He exists as a blight upon the multiverse, his presence is a constant, looming threat to the natural order, an insidious force seeking to unravel the very fabric of existence. He embodies corruption in all its forms, from the physical decay of flesh and matter to the moral degradation of souls and societies. To Kal'Katoth, corruption is not merely a blight but a fundamental, inevitable force that reveals the true nature of the world. He perceives purity and order as fragile illusions, destined to be shattered by the relentless march of decay.

In the eyes of Kal'Katoth, the grotesque and abnormal are to be celebrated. He revels in deformity and mutation, viewing these aberrations as the ultimate expressions of his influence. His mission is to disrupt the natural order, introducing elements of chaos and corruption that twist and contort the very essence of life. Where others see beauty and cleanliness, Kal'Katoth sees weakness and deceit. He glorifies everything considered repugnant or vile, rejecting societal norms and promoting an aesthetic of filth and disorder. In his vision, ugliness is the true representation of existence, a testament to the power and strength that lie in the grotesque and unnatural.

Kal'Katoth represents the inevitable breakdown of all things. He is the harbinger of decay, heralding the collapse of physical objects and societal structures alike. To him, decay is a cleansing process that strips away false pretenses, revealing the underlying truth of the universe. This decay is not merely physical but also moral and spiritual, as he seeks to corrupt the hearts and minds of all beings, leading them into the depths of depravity.

Among his followers, Kal'Katoth promotes the idea that they are superior to "natural" creatures. He encourages them to rise above the natural order, to dominate the multiverse and transform it into a reflection of his own decay and foulness. His followers are taught to embrace and spread corruption, to celebrate the grotesque and the vile, and to use their power to impose this twisted vision upon the world.

Kal'Katoth's teachings are a dark and twisted doctrine, urging his followers to reject the superficial trappings of purity and order and to embrace the true nature of the universe in all its corrupted glory. Through their actions, they are to become agents of decay, spreading his influence far and wide, and transforming the multiverse into a domain of foulness and aberration, where the grotesque reigns supreme.

Kal'Katoth appears as a grotesquely bloated and deformed humanoid figure. His body, obscured beneath multiple layers of tattered robes, once perhaps symbols of his ancient power and now rotted and frayed, is a mass of festering sores and bulging deformities, exuding a sense of pervasive corruption. The tattered robes hang loosely, barely containing the bloated form underneath, from which oozes a foul, greenish slime. This viscous substance drips from his body, leaving a trail of decay and corruption in his wake, transforming the ground beneath him into a morass of putrefaction. From beneath his hood, two pinpoints of eerie green light emanate where his eyes should be, casting a sickly glow that pierces the darkness. These malevolent orbs seem to burn with a corrupting fire, reflecting the deity's insatiable hunger for decay and chaos. His face remains hidden in shadow, but glimpses of twisted, decayed flesh can be seen beneath the hood, hinting at the true horror that lies within. The air around him is thick with the stench of rot and corruption, a physical manifestation of his foul essence.

Kal'Katoth's true form is the very essence of nightmarish horror, transcending the notion of a mere creature and appearing as an endless expanse of putrid, rotting flesh and vile slime. This grotesque landscape stretches beyond sight, a writhing mass of decay that pulses with malignant life. The ground itself undulates in waves of corruption, emitting a nauseating stench that pervades the air. From this abhorrent expanse rise countless stalked eyes, their eerie, unblinking gaze surveying the world with malevolent intent. These eyes, grotesque and malformed, are interspersed with gaping, sharp-fanged mouths that open like horrific ravines. Filled with jagged, needle-like teeth dripping with foul ichor, these mouths gnash and snap at the air, creating a maddening cacophony of hunger and malice.

The very air around Kal'Katoth's true form is thick with foul vapors, a miasma of decay that warps the senses and saps the strength of any who dare to draw near. The twisted terrain is dotted with bizarre, otherworldly growths and tendrils that writhe and twist like the grasping hands of the damned. In this form, Kal'Katoth is not just a deity of corruption; he is corruption incarnate. His presence warps reality itself, spreading his foul influence far and wide. To gaze upon Kal'Katoth in his true form is to confront the ultimate horror, a vision of a world twisted beyond recognition by the relentless, insidious march of corruption.


Kal'katoth's holy symbol is a grotesque medallion featuring a large, menacing red eye emerging from a writhing mass of green slime. The eye, with its blood-red iris and piercing black pupil, exudes an aura of malevolence and corruption. Surrounding the eye are twisted, sinewy tendrils symbolizing the deity's pervasive influence over decay and aberration. This unblinking eye represents Kal'katoth's ever-watchful presence, revealing the true nature of rot and degradation, while the slime and tendrils signify the insidious spread of his corruption.

Relations With Other Deities

Kal'katoth is a feared and reviled figure within the pantheon, regarded by most deities as an unnatural menace. His very existence is a constant threat to nature and its delicate balance, earning him the particular enmity of deities such as Edmer, Aela, Velthar, Leviathar, and Elandrien. These deities, who cherish the natural world and its harmony, view Kal'katoth as a blight that must be contained. He is equally despised by deities who exalt refinement, beauty, and purity. Antanara and, most vehemently, Cyndel, find him hideous and repulsive, the very antithesis of their ideals.

Despite the widespread loathing he inspires, there are those within the pantheon who see Kal'katoth as a necessary evil. Aios, the deity of balance, acknowledges his role in preventing the world from tipping too far towards purity. However, even Aios finds Kal'katoth's presence somewhat alien and out of place. In the complex web of divine relationships, Kal'katoth finds a reluctant ally in Tiamat. She values the corruption he can bring into the world, recognizing its potential to further her own ends. Despite this alliance, their relationship is marked by mutual distrust and opportunism, rather than genuine camaraderie.

What The Legends Say

Kal'Katoth, in the form of an aberrant realm


Kal'Katoth, The Rotting Monarch

Kal'Katoth's dogma is based on these five tenets:

  • Embrace Corruption: Accept and spread corruption as the natural state of being. Understand that purity and order are fragile illusions that must be shattered to reveal the true nature of the world. Corruption is not to be feared but embraced as a force of enlightenment and truth.
  • Exalt the Grotesque: Celebrate deformity, mutation, and foulness. Seek beauty in what others find repugnant and vile. Understand that true strength and power lie in the grotesque and unnatural, and strive to embody these qualities in yourself and the world around you.
  • Spread Decay: Work to undermine structures of order and beauty, replacing them with decay and foulness. Whether it be through physical rot, moral degradation, or societal collapse, your mission is to spread the influence of Kal'Katoth and bring about the inevitable breakdown of all things.
  • Destroy Beauty and Purity: Seek to corrupt and annihilate what is traditionally seen as beautiful and pure. Transform symbols of innocence and elegance into manifestations of decay and foulness, showing the world that true power and truth lie in corruption and destruction.
  • Revel in Foulness: Reject societal norms of cleanliness and refinement, promoting an aesthetic of filth and disorder. Live in a manner that visibly demonstrates your devotion to Kal'Katoth, wearing your corruption as a badge of honor. Your lifestyle should be a testament to the deity's teachings, spreading revulsion and fear in all who encounter you.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Kal'Katoth

Kal'Katoth's clergy is organized into a loose and secretive network of cults and covens. Each group operates independently, guided by the teachings and tenets of Kal'Katoth, adapting to their specific circumstances and environment. These groups are often hidden in remote, desolate areas or within the underbellies of cities, far from prying eyes. While there are few worshippers of Kal'Katoth among the natural races, some wicked individuals follow him, and a significant number of his adherents come from the aberrant races, often acting as cult leaders.

The clergy of Kal'Katoth typically draw from various classes, with warlocks and druids being the most common. They dress in robes or armor adorned with monstrous designs, such as symbols of eyes, mouths, and aberrant creatures. Their attire is usually tattered and covered in slime or other foul substances. To reflect their devotion, they often disfigure themselves and cover their faces in public with masks, either to hide their deformities or to inspire fear.

Operating in the shadows, the clergy of Kal'Katoth avoid detection, as they cannot easily move openly, even in regions dominated by evil influences. They are notorious for their dark rituals, often kidnapping beings from natural races to perform horrific experiments. It is common for them to infiltrate societies, hiding within city underbellies where they are difficult to find. From these hidden locations, they spread decay and corruption, sowing the seeds of Kal'Katoth's influence and undermining the fabric of the communities they infiltrate.

Kal'Katoth temples are predominantly located underground, in labyrinthine cavern complexes or in the underbellies of cities. These locations provide a secure hiding place for the clerics and their aberrant cult leaders, far from the reach of the authorities and the public.

Architecturally, the temples are twisted and grotesque, with contorted columns and unnatural angles that create a sense of unease. Structures appear to be melting or rotting, with walls covered in slime and creeping tendrils, and floors that pulse with decay. Statues and altars seem to grow organically out of the ground, embodying the corrupted nature of their deity. The interiors are dimly lit with flickering, eerie lights that cast unsettling shadows. The air inside is thick with the stench of rot and decay, and the walls are adorned with disturbing, aberrant symbols and grotesque carvings.

These temples serve multiple dark purposes. They act as centers of corruption, where followers gather to plot and execute their plans to undermine society. The temples are also sites for horrific rituals and sacrifices, often involving the torment of beings from the natural races. Some temples function as laboratories for grotesque experiments, where clerics and followers of Kal'Katoth create new aberrations and spread corruption through unnatural means. In cities, these hidden temples provide safe havens for the followers of Kal'Katoth, offering refuge and a place to regroup away from the eyes of law and order.


Few beings of the normal races are wicked enough to become followers of Kal'Katoth. For those few disturbed individuals who seek this path, it is a perilous journey that more often than not ends in their death. The would-be follower must locate and request initiation from the aberrant master of one of Kal'Katoth's cults, typically a year before the ceremony, which coincides with the initiate's coming of age.

Once the request is made, the initiate becomes a servant—or more accurately, a slave—to the aberrant master, fulfilling every one of its needs. This servitude often turns deadly, as many initiates end up as prey for their masters, prematurely ending their initiation. The master demands the initiate to deal with enemies, manage other slaves, execute parts of the master's plans, assist in dark rituals, and handle grotesque experiments. To prove their loyalty, the master often requires the initiate to make a minor pact, usually involving self-mutilation or deformation, leading them further into corruption and decay.

Every day, the initiate must spend at least one hour meditating on their actions and how they further the principles of corruption, decay, and the grotesque. They reflect on the impact of their deeds and the deeper meaning of Kal'Katoth's dogma. On the final day of preparation, the initiate spends the entire day in deep contemplation, reflecting on their deeds over the past year and the teachings of Kal'Katoth. They consider how their actions have contributed to spreading decay and corruption and how they have embraced the deity's principles.

The following day, the initiate presents themselves before their aberrant master and enters a pool of foulness, a dark slime with corrupting properties that harm and burn the skin. The initiate must endure the pain and damage for the duration of the ceremony, resulting in scars and permanent damage, symbolizing their rejection of natural essence. The aberrant master asks the initiate to recite their oath of corruption, then casts the initiation spell, formally inducting the initiate as a full follower of Kal'Katoth.

Most often, the aberrant master keeps the new follower as a permanent slave or servant, binding them to a life of corruption, decay, and servitude. This initiation ritual, with its year-long preparation and final transformative ceremony, ensures that only those truly dedicated to the principles of Kal'Katoth are accepted into his fold. It reinforces the core tenets of corruption, decay, and the grotesque, binding the initiate to the deity's dark path.