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Basic Information
TitleThe Undefeated, The Dawnbringer, The Knight Commander
SymbolA blue cross in front of the sun
AlignmentLawful Good
Allowed AlignmentsLG, NG, LN
Primary PortfolioDay, Honor, Knighthood, Light, Sun, Valor
Secondary PortfolioFire, Leadership, Loyalty, Nobility, Oaths, Protection, Victory, War
Favored WeaponLongsword
Aerion, The Undefeated

Aerion, The Undefeated, shines as the deity of the Sun and Knighthood. Each day, his light conquers the night, symbolizing hope and the eternal battle against darkness. Aerion embodies chivalry and honor, his every deed guided by a deep respect for law and order. As a paragon of lawful good, Aerion commands admiration and loyalty from knights and paladins. His radiant presence inspires these warriors to uphold justice and virtue. In Aerion, they find not only a divine patron but also the epitome of the noble ideals they strive to live by.

Aerion usually appears as a winged lion, of undeniable majesty. His golden fur glows with divine strength, and his proud stance speaks of his role as a protector. The wings on this noble creature symbolize Aerion's heavenly origins and his constant vigilance, watching over his devotees from the skies. His other form is that of a young knight. In this form, Aerion stands tall, his youthful energy shining through. His blonde hair, cut short for battle, and his armor, gleaming with sun designs, make him a beacon of light and bravery. Sometimes, he displays grand wings in this form too, a sign of his heavenly power and his promise to shelter those who follow him.

Relations With Other Deities

Aerion's standing among the celestial pantheon is a testament to his virtues of courage, power, honor, and an unwavering commitment to good. His divine lineage and prowess in battle have forged strong bonds the other deities of good. He is the son of Brigit, the deity of grief and family. Aerion's relationship with his mother is steeped in deep love and respect. This bond is a reflection of his noble spirit, as he cherishes the familial ties that have shaped his righteous path.

Among the martial deities, Aerion is held in high esteem, especially by Dorgross, deity of war. His prowess as a warrior resonates with those who value strength and valor in combat. His reputation as a formidable fighter extends beyond the realms of the just, instilling a sense of respect, and at times, fear among the darker deities. Aerion's presence is a reminder of the relentless pursuit of good over evil, a principle that guides his every action.

However, it is in the shadows of enmity where Aerion's resolve is most evident. His archnemesis, Xendral, deity of tyranny, represents a perversion of law and order that Aerion cannot abide. The tyranny and corruption Xendral embodies stand in stark contrast to everything Aerion fights for. This conflict goes beyond mere rivalry; it is a battle for the very essence of justice and law. Similarly, Ophion, with his dominion over the undead, presents a challenge to the sanctity of life and virtue that Aerion upholds. This contention is more than a clash of powers; it is a fundamental dispute over the principles that govern life and death.

What The Legends Say


Aerion, The Dawnbringer

Aerion's dogma is a testament to his virtues of honor, valor, and unwavering commitment to the greater good. It serves as a guiding light for his followers, instilling a sense of purpose and direction in their quest to uphold justice and righteousness in the world. Here's the dogma for Aerion, deity of good:

  • Embrace the Radiance of Day: Let the sun's rise be your eternal guide. Embrace the dawn and the new beginnings it represents. As Aerion brings light to dispel the darkness, so must you bring hope to the darkest corners of the world.
  • Honor and Valor Above All: Live a life of honor; let your actions be guided by the unwavering pursuit of what is just and right. Show valor in the face of adversity; be courageous, and stand firm against the forces that seek to undermine the pillars of truth and goodness.
  • Protect the Weak and Innocent: As Aerion shields the world from darkness, you too must be a protector. Stand as a guardian for those who cannot defend themselves, and be a beacon of safety and comfort for the lost and the vulnerable.
  • Uphold the Sacred Oath: Your word is your bond, a sacred vow made in the presence of Aerion. Live a life of unwavering loyalty and integrity, respecting the noble traditions of the past while forging a legacy of law an order for the future.
  • Challenge Tyranny and Evil: Aerion stands as an unyielding force against corruption and tyranny. Follow in his footsteps and confront evil wherever it lurks. Be unafraid to challenge the darkness, and strive to turn the tides towards a future bright with promise.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Aerion

The clergy of Aerion is a highly organized and martially-focused institution. Members come from different backgrounds: fighters, paladins, monks and clerics are the most common. Each member undergoes rigorous military training, as they are expected to champion the cause of good wherever they are. Within this clergy, ranks are primarily awarded based on martial prowess. As a result, it's not uncommon to find younger members in high-ranking positions if they have demonstrated exceptional bravery and success in combat against evil. In this order, victory is not just celebrated; it is a revered measure of one's dedication and alignment with Aerion's ideals.

Aerion's clerics are ever-prepared warriors, always garbed in armor and armed, embodying the readiness for combat central to their faith. Even when engaged in community duties, they remain equipped for battle, a testament to their constant vigilance and preparedness.

Pride in order and discipline is a hallmark of these clerics. They meticulously maintain their armor and weapons, ensuring they are always in peak condition. This adherence to order extends beyond their martial readiness; it's reflected in their structured approach to all aspects of life, from religious ceremonies to community service.

The symbol of Aerion, typically a blue Maltese cross in front of the sun, is prominently displayed on their attire, most often on the chest. This visible emblem serves as a constant reminder of their allegiance and dedication to the ideals of their deity: honor, valor, and the unwavering pursuit of good. In every action, Aerion's clerics strive to personify the divine virtues of their patron, standing as beacons of light and protectors of the righteous path.

Members of Aerion's Clergy are renowned for their extensive knowledge in matters of war and martial skills. This expertise makes them sought-after advisors for kings, knightly orders, and military leaders. Their role often extends to serving as master trainers for soldiers, imparting their formidable combat skills and strategic acumen to those preparing for battle.

Aerion's temples, dispersed throughout the world, are unique in their architecture and purpose. They resemble small strongholds more than traditional temples, reflecting the martial nature of Aerion's worship. Yet, despite their formidable appearance, these temples are welcoming havens, with doors always open to those seeking refuge or aid.

Functioning as war academies, these temples offer training not just to Aerion's followers but to anyone committed to using their skills for righteous causes. This open policy strengthens the bond between the clergy and the communities they serve, promoting a widespread culture of martial preparedness and virtue.

Additionally, certain temples of Aerion are strategically located in places where the connection to the sun – Aerion's primary domain – is strongest, such as mountain summits. These remote and often hard-to-reach locations are sacred pilgrimage sites for the clergy. The journey to these temples is not just a physical challenge but a spiritual quest, symbolizing the ascent towards greater divine proximity and enlightenment.

In summary, Aerion's Clergy serve not only as spiritual leaders and warriors but also as educators and advisors, fostering a world where martial prowess is aligned with the pursuit of good. Their temples, both as strongholds and sacred sites, play a pivotal role in spreading Aerion's influence and teachings.

Temples also serve as academies of war


The initiation into the clergy of Aerion, deity of the Sun and Knighthood, is a profound and transformative journey, marked by discipline, devotion, and the dawn of a new life. As young aspirants approach their coming of age, one year before exactly, they are drawn to the revered Academy Temples of Aerion. There, they embark on a year-long journey of rigorous training, a period that tests and forges their spirit in the relentless pursuit of discipline and devotion. This year is their proving ground, preparing them for the path of service and virtue under Aerion's watchful gaze.

Each day of this sacred year begins in the quiet, predawn hours. Initiates rise while the world still slumbers, steeling themselves for the day ahead. With the first light of dawn, they gather to greet the sun, offering prayers and thanks to Aerion, marking the beginning of their daily trials. Their days are rigorously scheduled, filled with physical conditioning and martial training, honing their bodies and minds for the noble cause of good.

But the initiation is not solely about physical prowess. The aspirants delve deeply into the teachings of Aerion's dogma, absorbing the principles that will guide their lives. They engage in community and temple services, learning the values of humility and altruism. Each evening, as the sun sets, they enter a solemn hour of meditation. This is a time for reflection, contemplating the influence of the sun and their role in Aerion's divine mission.

Throughout the year, the temple provides the initiates with basic sustenance – modest yet adequate food and shelter. This simplicity is a lesson in itself, teaching the virtue of focusing on spiritual and personal growth over material comforts.

As the year reaches its zenith, the initiates undergo a final day of deep meditation, preparing themselves for the sacred moment that awaits them with the first light of the new day. The next day, dressed in ceremonial white robes, they are led by a cleric to an open area as the night fades. Kneeling under the vast, starlit sky, they await the dawn. In the sacred moment when the first ray of sunlight touches the earth, the cleric asks if they freely accept Aerion as their patron deity and commit their lives to his cause. With the initiation spell, their transformation is complete.

Upon their return to the temple, in recognition of their year of service, each new follower of Aerion is gifted with armor and a weapon. These are symbols of their readiness to serve the cause of good, whether as soldiers or as vigilant protectors within their own communities. Even those uncommon cases of new followers who do not pursuit a career as warriors, they are expected to maintain their physical and martial readiness, ever prepared to answer the deity's call.