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Basic Information
TitleThe Master of the Endless Battle
SymbolA pile of shattered weapons and a greatsword over it
AlignmentChaotic Neutral
Allowed AlignmentsCG, N, CN, CE
Primary PortfolioConflict, Courage, Strategy, Tactics, Victory, War
Secondary PortfolioAdaptability, Conquest, Leadership, Planning, Ruthlesness, Slaughter, Survival, Violence
Favored WeaponGreatsword
Dorgross, The Master of the Endless Battle

Dorgross stands as a beacon of conflict and valor, his essence woven with the very threads of war and chaos. This deity, embodying the raw force of violence, moves with purposeful strides, eschewing the trappings of diplomacy for the clarity of action. His realm is the battlefield, a place where he finds solace regardless of the cause, for it is not the morality of the fight that stirs his spirit, but the fight itself.

Victory is his creed, pursued with a zeal that admits no qualms about the methods employed. The ends, in his view, sanctify the means, rendering each battle a testament to the glory of conquest. Yet, despite his fearsome reputation, Dorgross commands respect across the pantheon. Even those who recoil at his ferocity cannot deny the brilliance of his tactical mind or the unwavering leadership he exhibits amidst the fray.

Curiously, Dorgross's aggression is not without its principles. He despises the exploitation of the weak, viewing such acts as the height of cowardice. True valor, in his eyes, lies in the challenge of the stronger, in the relentless pursuit of self-improvement through combat against formidable foes. This nuanced stance on power and strength reveals a complex deity, one who champions the warrior's path not through domination but through the honor of continuous self-overcoming.

Dorgross manifests as a towering figure, embodying the very essence of war and conflict. His form is that of a muscular man, enshrouded in a set of dark full plate armor that boasts an intricate design, testament to the artistry of war. Sometimes a dark helmet veils his visage, leaving his intentions as enigmatic as the shadows that dance across his armor. Other times his face is visible, with long red hair and beard flowing unkept. Swept back by the winds of battle, a red scarfed cloak flutters behind him, a stark contrast to the darkness of his attire. In his grasp, he wields a brutal barbarian greatsword, its blade whispering tales of battles past and foes vanquished. This image of Dorgross is not just a representation of his dominion over war but also an embodiment of his unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit of victory. Dorgross also shows himself in an alternate form as a formidable, muscled black bull with fiery red eyes, encapsulating his immense strength and fierce spirit.