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Basic Information
TitleThe Eldritch Guardian
SymbolAn octagon with a spellbook inside
Allowed AlignmentsNG, LN, N, CN, NE
Primary PortfolioArcane Lore, Arcane Power, Magic, Rituals, Spells, Wizardry
Secondary PortfolioConjuration, Crafts, Discipline, Evocation, Knowledge, Memory, Scholarship, Transmutation
Favored WeaponQuarterstaff
Devian, The Eldritch Guardian

Devian exists as an echo from the dawn of time, his essence woven into the very fabric of magic. This deity of arcane wisdom and wizardry is a figure of deep mystery and profound knowledge, whose origins are lost to the annals of history. Devian's life is a ceaseless quest for magical discovery, whether through the crafting of potent artifacts or the unveiling of arcane secrets. To the outside observer, he might appear distant, his gaze seeming to look through them as if lost in thought. This detachment, however, belies a mind that misses nothing, a consciousness attuned to every whisper of magic in the cosmos. His demeanor is not of disinterest but of selective engagement, prioritizing the endless pursuit of arcane knowledge over mundane interactions.

Within Devian's solitary existence lies an insatiable curiosity about the mysteries that bind the universe. His patience is as vast as time itself, understanding that the greatest magical breakthroughs cannot be rushed. Devian embodies the quintessence of the solitary wizard, finding solace and companionship in ancient tomes and the silent halls of his ethereal library rather than in the fleeting presence of mortals. Yet, when he speaks, his words carry the weight of ages, offering cryptic wisdom that can unlock the potential of those who are astute enough to decipher his meanings. As a guardian of secrets, Devian is the keeper of forbidden lore, sharing his insights only with those whose dedication to the arcane arts proves them worthy of his trust.

Devian manifests as the quintessential old wizard, his long hair and beard untamed and unkempt, as if grooming were a mere afterthought compared to his arcane pursuits. His attire, while unmistakably that of a wizard's arcane robes, displays a charming disregard for aesthetic coherence; colors clash, and garments of mismatched sizes drape his form in a haphazard fashion. This visual disarray belies the depth of his magical prowess, for amidst the apparent neglect, Devian is ever surrounded by magical trinkets and artifacts, each carrying its own mysterious power. These personal accouterments hint at untold stories of magical exploration and discovery, serving as the tools of his ceaseless quest through the realms of arcane knowledge.

Devian also chooses the guise of an owl, cloaked in grey and black feathers that mirror the nebulous boundary between known and arcane secrets. His profound, luminous eyes, deep wells of ancient wisdom, command attention, while an ethereal aura surrounds him, marking his divine essence.


Devian's symbol is an octagon with a spellbook nestled within. The spellbook, a cornerstone of magical learning and practice, signifies the deep, methodical exploration of magic that wizards undertake under Devian's guidance. The octagon that frames the spellbook holds a broader meaning, representing the eight schools of magic that form the foundation of arcane study.

Relations With Other Deities

Devian's relationships with other deities are shaped by his singular focus on magic and arcane knowledge. His disinterest in the natural world and its denizens creates a rift between him and other deities, like those associated with nature, as he remains aloof from the concerns that deeply engage them. Similarly, Devian stands apart from conflicts and moral debates, finding little value in matters that do not contribute to his pursuit of magical understanding.

His closest connections are with deities whose domains align with his interests. Chronos, the deity of time, shares with Devian a fascination with the fundamental forces that underpin reality, offering a perspective that transcends the immediate, a view that deeply resonates with Devian's own. Gaidos, the deity of knowledge, represents a kinship based on the unquenchable thirst for understanding, making him a natural ally in Devian's endless quest for arcane wisdom.

Moreover, Devian acknowledges the significance of craftsmanship in the creation of magical artifacts, which brings him into a collaborative relationship with Psamathe, the deity of crafts. This bond, though perhaps more pragmatic than those formed with Chronos and Gaidos, highlights Devian's appreciation for the tangible aspects of magic and the intricate work necessary to bring powerful artifacts into existence. Through these relationships, Devian navigates the divine realm, connected to those who share or complement his profound dedication to the arcane.

What The Legends Say


Devian, in his owl form

Devian's dogma is based on these principles:

  • Pursue Arcane Knowledge Above All: Followers of Devian are encouraged to seek out and delve into the mysteries of magic and the arcane. Their primary goal should be the expansion of their magical understanding and capabilities, valuing this pursuit over worldly concerns and distractions.
  • Embrace the Path of the Scholar: Devian teaches that true mastery of magic is achieved through rigorous study and the scholarly pursuit of arcane knowledge. Followers must dedicate themselves to the understanding of magical principles and the disciplined exploration of the arcane arts. This scholarly path, rather than mere through pacts or insight, is the key to unlocking the highest forms of magical ability and wisdom.
  • Knowledge, not Power: Devian's doctrine holds that the pursuit of magic should not be driven by a desire for power or dominion, but for the expansion of understanding and the illumination of the universe's mysteries. Magic, in its purest form, is a tool for exploration and discovery, offering insights not just into the arcane, but into the nature of existence itself. Followers are encouraged to wield their magical abilities with humility and curiosity, prioritizing enlightenment over influence.
  • Guard the Fabric of Magic: Devian instructs his followers to act as protectors of the arcane weave, the very fabric that underlies all magical phenomena. This sacred duty involves preventing misuse that could fray or tear this delicate structure, ensuring that the flow of magical energies remains balanced and pure.
  • Eschew Trivial Engagements: Devian's followers are counseled to remain aloof from the distractions of mundane affairs and petty conflicts. Their commitment to the arcane arts demands concentration and dedication, undiluted by the ephemeral concerns of the worldly realm.

Clergy and Temples

A cleric of Devian, instructing apprentices

In the mystical realms where the arcane weaves the fabric of existence, the clergy of Devian stand as the venerable guardians and scholars of magic. Comprised mainly of clerics and wizards, with a scattering of other spellcasters drawn to the allure of wizardry, this esteemed order dedicates its existence to the pursuit of arcane knowledge under the guidance of Devian, the deity of magic and wizardry.

Their sacred halls, echoing with the whispers of ancient spells, serve as crucibles of magical learning and experimentation. Here, the clergy task themselves with not only deepening their own mastery over the arcane but also scouting for nascent talents. They are the discerning eyes that identify the spark of magical potential in the young, guiding them into the nurturing embrace of wizardry schools where such gifts can flourish.

Mentorship is a cornerstone of their duty. Seasoned members of the clergy, enriched by years of study and practice, offer their wisdom to those wizards who seek to refine their craft, delve deeper into the mysteries of magic, or quest for elusive magical items. Their guidance is a beacon for many, illuminating paths previously shrouded in shadow.

Beyond the walls of their sanctuaries, the clergy engage in the meticulous crafting and provisioning of magical items to adventurers and seekers, infusing each artifact with potent spells for a price. These transactions are more than mere commerce; they are exchanges of trust, binding the clergy to those who venture forth into the unknown.

The most skilled among them are called upon to perform rituals of great significance, their incantations and ceremonies bringing forth blessings that ripple through communities, weaving prosperity and protection into the tapestry of daily life.

Yet, their role extends into the realm of guardianship as well. With vigilant eyes, they scour the world for powerful artifacts, securing them against misuse and ensuring that such objects of immense power are preserved for the benefit of all. Their researchers tirelessly push the boundaries of magical theory, crafting new spells and exploring uncharted territories of the arcane, driven by an insatiable curiosity and the ever-present desire to expand the horizon of magical understanding.

But perhaps their most solemn duty is the protection of the fabric of magic itself. As eldritch protectors, they stand sentinel against the anomalies that threaten to unravel the very essence of magic. Through their efforts, the continuity of magic in the multiverse is maintained, a testament to their unwavering commitment to their deity’s ethos and the greater good of all realms.

the temples of Devian, deity of magic and wizardry, stand as bastions of arcane knowledge and centers of magical study, seamlessly woven into the fabric of settlements both great and small. These sanctuaries, revered by spellcasters of every ilk, serve as neutral ground where wizards, regardless of their alignments, gather in mutual respect for the arcane.

Within the bustling heart of communities, Devian's temples offer a plethora of services, from the preparation and execution of beneficial rituals to the furtherance of their clergy's magical prowess. These acts of service not only aid the surrounding community but also provide the clergy with invaluable practical experience.

A cornerstone of these temples is their extensive libraries, housing collections of arcane tomes that are treasures troves of spells waiting to be learned. Wizards, both novice and seasoned, delve into these texts, expanding their magical repertoires and pushing the boundaries of their capabilities. Moreover, these temples play a crucial role in the nurturing of future generations of wizards. Acting as recruitment centers, they provide foundational knowledge to aspiring apprentices, who, once ready, are sent to larger, more secluded school temples.

These remote sanctuaries of magic, shrouded in isolation and magically protected, are not just centers of advanced learning but also vaults of invaluable arcane knowledge and materials. Here, the clergy safeguards ancient records, potent artifacts, and conducts research into the mysteries of magic, ensuring the continuity and protection of the arcane fabric that underpins the universe.


The path to becoming a devotee of Devian, the deity revered in the annals of magic and wizardry, is a sacred journey that unfurls over the course of a year, meticulously designed to immerse the initiate in the very essence of arcane power. This rite of passage is tailored to forge a profound connection between the follower and the divine, embracing both novices and those already versed in the mystical arts.

For those on the threshold of the magical world, the journey commences with a symbolic gesture of dedication—a pilgrimage to a cleric to express their yearning to walk Devian's path. Their first rite is the crafting of a spellbook, an act that binds their commitment to the arcane. This tome becomes a lifelong companion, a repository of the spells and secrets uncovered in their pursuit of knowledge.

The neophyte then embarks on a quest of understanding, delving into the nature of magic, its diverse schools, and culminating in the mastery of basic cantrips. This foundational knowledge ensures that every adherent of Devian can wield magic, albeit at its most elemental, reinforcing the deity’s creed that magic is a universal right.

Initiates that are apprentices within the hallowed halls of Devian’s temple schools are called to a higher purpose. They aid in the expansion of arcane research, craft minor magical artifacts, and decipher complex spells, thereby contributing to the rich tapestry of magical knowledge that Devian oversees.

A pillar of this spiritual odyssey is the daily meditation, a solemn hour of reflection upon the day’s learnings and the profound mysteries of magic. This introspective practice deepens the initiate's bond with the arcane, fostering a personal relationship with the mystical forces that govern their world.

The culmination of this year-long pilgrimage is a day of silent contemplation, a sacred pause before the dawn of their new life. The initiate stands before the cleric in solemn ceremony the following day, their prowess with magic on display—a testament to their dedication and the culmination of their year's journey.

As the initiate kneels, the cleric invokes the initiation spell, a sacred incantation that weaves the bond between devotee and deity. In this moment, the follower is reborn, not just as a practitioner of magic, but as a guardian of its mysteries, forever linked to Devian in their quest for arcane enlightenment. This initiation, steeped in tradition and personal achievement, marks the beginning of a lifelong journey under Devian’s watchful gaze, a journey not just of power, but of discovery and understanding.